Calling all Hackers

The wind is to our back and the sea ahead looks welcoming. We have so many good ideas to work on and we need some good help. Please read the following description of what we are doing.

We are making email more efficient for power users. We are doing this by sorting important email from the unimportant. We are leveraging our skills in Outlook/MAPI interfacing, machine learning, and collaborative systems.

We have a strong support network with Paul Graham and the Y Combinator network. Our first handful of products will target MS Outlook, the email client of choice in corporate settings. We have plotted a product lineage that will build a user base and introduce new paradigms into email.

We are planning to launch our first product, Xobni Statistics, within the next month. It will show people their email usage patterns, such as “Time spent writing, reading email” or “Time between message received and reply.”

My cofounder, Adam Smith is an MIT CS BS, and put his master’s degree on hold to pursue this opportunity. His personal web site is at My name is Matt Brezina. I just finished my MS in EE from UMD. We both consider ourselves smart, aggressive, and focused. We value the fun atmosphere that our company maintains. We have been in close contact with potential customers. (Everyone is passionate about their email!)

You would be getting in on the ground level. We have many challenging systems problems, including databases, networking, Windows internals, and computationally intensive code.

The proposition is something like: work hard (~ 80 hour weeks) for a few years for a good shot to become independently wealthy.

We have been told that our idea is very VC-fundable, if we decide to go that route. We are confident that we are on a vector towards success, and are willing to do whatever it takes to make that happen. We are looking for people with the same MO.

If you are excited about what we are doing, then we should talk. Please contact us.

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