Over a week

Adam and I have been cranking away on our first product “Xobni Statistics” over the past week. We paused to contemplate programmer compensation. Some method must exist that is better than the canonical time-based method we are all familiar with. We have had long mind bending conversations on the quantitative value of time. There is an adage that says great programmers are 10 times as productive as an average programmer. Should they then be paid 10x as much per hour?

Also consider this- If you are getting paid $60/hr, is researching the cheapest cable internet options and spending an hour on the phone with Comcast worth the $5 you saved per month? Obviously not for at least the first year. So should you then just take the first offer you find? It is a dumb example, but the expected value of the amount of money you saved over one year for 1 hr of effort better be greater than $60. However, the pdf function of the time spent and the amount saved has such a high variance it is nearly impossible to predict. Of course, was this paragraph worth $10 (it took me 10 minutes to write)? Probably not.

One more thing….I just recently noticed that google has started to crawl our blog. The crudity of this webpage I threw together in a few hrs is excusable if you consider that each day that google crawls your blog means one less day that your product’s webpage will be in the search sandbox. For an explanation of the google sandbox effect click here. Simple explanation: They treat your webpage like all the established pages for a few weeks, then they knock down your search ranking for a probationary period. So when you search “xobni” in google our current rank is 3 (weird i know, who else uses that word!!), but after a few weeks we will drop to the bottom of the list for an unspecified amount of time. Actually Sergey Brin’s dad is a professor at UMD. I’ll ask him why Google does this next time I see him on the UMD campus.

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