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Sn00d meets Xman

Check out today. You might notice a familiar logo in the top left corner of the page.

Xobni was incorporated into the Reddit logo as part of YC week at Reddit.

Thank you Alexis, Steve, and the other guys at Reddit for your support of Xobni and the rest of Y Combinator.

Project North Beach

sailSFFrom the infrequency of our posts you might have guessed that California has been distracting. You guessed right, but we have not been sailing the bay, skiing the mountains, or surfing the beach.

Instead, we have been spending time in investor meetings, partner discussions, and employee interviews. Our days have been so packed that we welcome the evenings when the two of us can sit down behind our eight point five million pixels of screen real estate with our iced venti mochas and code until the sun begins to surface behind the bay bridge.

While we are getting a little tired of driving down I-280, we have been interacting with some great minds.

The greatest benefit of talking to people is that you refine your business plan, fire-test your software, and challenge every angle of your business. The discussions have made Xobni better.

north beach stampYou might have noticed that last night we launched a new web site. Our web site hints at a new product offering which will be launched with Xobni Analytics. We called it Project North Beach in honor of our new neighborhood in San Francisco. On our About Us page you can see a picture of the view from our desks in North Beach. I feel lucky.

Unfortunately, we are not providing the details of Project North Beach at this time. We can say that the product leverages analytics intelligence and applies that data to make your email smarter.

If you signed up for the Xobni Analytics beta we have your contact info and we will inform you as soon as we go into beta. If you haven’t signed up for our beta, get on it!

We’ll try not to be strangers. I promise.

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