Shoutfit Uncloaked

It takes a long time to build a piece of software. Building Xobni, we know this first hand.

It’s common for startups to operate in “stealth mode” for long periods of time. In stealth mode you don’t talk to the press, your blog gets boring, and you are probably throwing around a lot of NDAs. We have been in a pseudo-stealth mode with “Project North Beach” and it is not fun. I can’t wait to show everyone what we are working on!

I was thinking about “stealth mode” because a new Y Combinator company has recently launched a sneak peak. They are coming out of stealth mode after seven months. The company is called Shoutfit, and they have made a social networking site centered on fashion. The founders Eric Seidel and Chris Smoak are good friends of ours and we’ve seen how hard they have been working. We are excited for their launch.

We have been discussing the timing of their launch for a few months. It was apparent to us that they needed to launch yesterday. They have built all of the basic features, and Shoutfit is the type of website that will get better as more people use it. We say “let users in,” and now they have.

Shoutfit has all the standard social networking features: commenting, friending, and privacy settings. You can also tag an outfit as part of a trend. I’ve included a screenshot of one of the outfits I posted. No one has added me to their trend (shocking!), so yesterday I added myself to the trend “Stunna Shades,” which was created by Justin Kan.

The last year has seen a surge in social networking companies. Many bore me. Shoutfit does not.

Shoutfit does not excite me because I love fashion. Shoutfit excites me because I’m impressed by their users and the potential in this niche market. Check out citymorningblue’s profile. This girl is exactly the kind of user who will make Shoutfit big. Chris and Eric should wake up every day to a randomized picture from citymorningblue’s profile projected 8ft by 6ft on their apartment wall and think “How can I make her like Shoutfit more?” and “How can I get her to tell her friends?”

It is common knowledge among parents that teenage girls are more expensive than teenage boys. I only got clothes once a year at Christmas. In contrast, my high school girlfriend was given $100 a month by her parents to buy clothes. How exciting for Shoutfit!

Shoutfit could get big, and if I was running Seventeen magazine, Urban Outfitters, Gap, or even Nickelodeon I would pay attention. Shoutfit is targeting a desirable demographic and might end up being the subject of a very lucrative bidding war.

3 Responses to “Shoutfit Uncloaked”

  1. 1 willy nelson March 22, 2007 at 7:07 pm

    uh maybe I’m missing the ‘wow’ factor here, but is this really the among the best to come out of y-combinator? a website about clothes? how many others are there? can you say dotcom bust v2.0?

    if this isn’t a ‘made-for-yahoo-buyout’ site I don’t know what is, good luck shouting out my outfit.

    at least xobni has a real product they’re developing, good for you guys and I know they’re your friends, but please don’t compare a useful product (xobni) to a YAFWTTYB (Yet Another Fashion Website Targeted at Teens and Yahoo Buyout). We all know the formula pitch ‘our website about ___ gets this many hits and has this many users each worth $xxx of potential buying power’ – well reality is another story ‘we have a mediocre website the same as a fifteen others, our traffic is meager, and our CTR is less than FaceBook’s 0.04%’

    I give them credit for trying.

    good grief

    … now watch me be wrong and Shitfit will get bought out for $200 million by the latest Google/Apple partnership to aggregate outfits on the iPhone using the Google Maps API to locate exactly where the closest port-o-potty is so the overweight and insecure teenage girls can begin their anorexia binge.

    I’m willy nelson, and I’m here to spoil your fun!

  2. 2 willy nelson March 22, 2007 at 7:12 pm

    shit I just gave myself a business idea with that rant about Shitfit and GoogleMaps API’s

    y-combinator, here I come!

  3. 3 willy nelson March 22, 2007 at 7:38 pm

    I retract my previous statements, I’ll be on a flight first thing in the morning and this mood will end as quickly as it came.

    best of luck guys

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