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Carleen Hawn from, part of Om Malik’s GigaOM media empire, interviewed Adam and I for a piece aptly titled, “Shoes Optional. Sunglasses Required.

We were each asked 12 identical questions by email. Adam and I didn’t see each other’s responses until the piece was posted a few hours ago. The funniest thing was that we had the exact same answer to two of the questions: What is the first thing you do when you get up in the morning? What is the least “founder-like” thing you do on a daily basis? Can you guess what they are? Post your guesses in the comments below before reading the story.


After several weeks of keeping my big mouth and keyboard quiet, the good news is out; Google has officially acquired Zenter! We saw their product two weeks into development when the company was incorporated under another creative name, Click n’ Slide. After we saw what these two rockstars had done in a few weeks, we knew the Big G would pay attention. Robbie Walker and Wayne Crosby are two fantastic guys. From the guys at Xobni, a hearty congratulations!

Why is this post called $18.53? I have a note in my wallet written a few months ago when we heard early news of acquisition talks over dinner with Robbie at Michelangelo’s in North Beach. The note was an IOU for $18.53 only repayable if the Google acquisition fell through. Thanks Google.

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