Growing the Xobni user base

Over the past week we have shipped invites to more than 1,700 people who have signed up for the Xobni beta. Our software is getting better day by day, so the speed at which our invitations are given out will only accelerate in the coming weeks. . If you haven’t signed up yet, please do so here.

Learning from beta users
We are continuing to work closely with our early beta users, many of which have been using Xobni since our 12 hour open download three months ago. Thank you so much for your help! Our whole team thanks you!

Working with our users over the past three months has helped us to make our features more intuitive, our UI simpler, and our performance better. And with such a diverse user base, we’ve been able to validate Xobni’s compatibility with multiple configurations of Windows and Office.

Getting priority access
We continue to have a very active priority badge program. Our priority badge users put the Xobni beta badge on their blog or web site in exchange for faster access to the Xobni beta. We are now sending priority invites within a few days of receiving a request. Get quick beta access by signing up here.

Inviting friends
A lot of users are asking us how they can share Xobni with their coworkers and friends. We will make this very easy from within the Xobni application soon. For now you can invite friends to join the beta by entering their email addresses in the grey box on the Xobni Download page.

We will continue to roll out Xobni Insight to new users over the next several weeks. If you haven’t signed up but want to try it, do so now – email happiness awaits.

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