To our growing Xobni community: a place to share

We know that becoming an integral part of our users’ email lives requires a high level of responsibility. Email is the most mission-critical business tool that exists today. That’s why our goal from the beginning has been to be highly accessible to our users, and help them solve any problems they may encounter in a timely fashion. And we’ve interacted with thousands of our users! User feedback drives our innovation.

The demand on our technical support team has exploded since we’ve expanded our user base. We’d considered building a community forum for some time now, but it was the nudge of a Xobni “evangelist” named Gary that set us to doing so. He generously made an initial draft of a forum, which has now become! You’re likely to see Gary patrolling the forums assisting as our first moderator. Be sure to say hi!

We envision this forum will be a place for Xobni users to communicate with each other, assist new users with common issues, and discuss new ideas for Xobni. The Xobni team will also take an active role, but mostly because we ourselves are Xobni users. We really want this to be an open dialog between Xobni users. Sometimes we’ll be the ones responding to questions, sometimes we’ll just read the threads for product ideas, and sometimes I expect we’ll even ask our own questions.

We’re also going to be more proactive about updating our FAQs and making product help accessible. With all of these improvements we hope to be able to provide a higher level of service to our users.

Thanks for stopping by and have a great weekend!

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2 Responses to “To our growing Xobni community: a place to share”

  1. 1 Edward Holtzman January 26, 2008 at 4:24 am

    Awesome news. I was hoping to see a user-to-user interactive community added.
    FAQs are fun and all but…….

  2. 2 Mike Carrieri May 5, 2008 at 11:45 am

    I will download this soon. Hopefully this will alieviate some of the frustrations of Outlook. I constantly need to know what the date is in the morning ,and Outlook should have a pop-up showing this instead of the time. I have a wall clock and a watch already. Also, there should be a grouping of primary needed functions and secondary functions, maybe grouped by how much they’re used. I only need Inbox, Sent Items, Drafts and Calendar. I don’t have any use or time for Outbox or Journal and they just take up processing time.

    Looking forward to working with the community here!

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