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A Shout-Out to a Fellow Email Fan

Email is so 1.0. But there are a few of us out there trying to show the inbox some new tricks. Making the inbox smarter and more powerful is the driving force behind Xobni. But we aren’t the only ones that are looking to the potential of email. So we thought would give a shout out to a new favorite at Xobni:

TripIt Just send your travel itinerary confirmation emails to and they magically become a living breathing travel plan for your trip. They combine your hotel, car rental, airline details into one smart itinerary. And because this is the internet, the information is now dynamic. It handles multiple members in your travel party seamlessly. Plus, now they have added a social element by showing where your friends are in the world, too. Wait until you see how simple it is to register, too. Perfect. If you travel, you should use TripIt!

Goodbye, Organize Tab

We started shipping a new version of Xobni Insight to users today. We’ve made Xobni perform better, prettied up the details of the user interface, and removed the “Organize” tab. Yes, you read that correctly: we removed a section of Xobni’s functionality.

The Organize tab was born shortly before our September 2007 beta launch. We wanted to superset the functionality of Outlook 2007’s To-Do Bar, which also contains upcoming appointments and outstanding tasks.

We decided to focus exclusively on creating an awesome user experience with our core piece: Lightning fast search and a view on email that works the way your brain does – by people. We felt that the Organize features were a distraction from the core product. If only we had read our own blog entries: This post, “Do One Thing and Do It Well”, talks about how Lookout, a popular Outlook plugin that Microsoft acquired, had only one major piece of functionality and people loved it! Thus, instead of loading Xobni with more pieces of functionality, we decided to perfect the most important pieces.

The functionality we took out might make a reappearance, but in a different form. For now, we encourage you to enjoy the new speed and prettiness of your Xobni Insight.

You can check if you have this version by going to “Xobni > About”. It should say version “1.2.3 (build 3197)” or higher.

Xobni announces support for Pine email client

Xobni is proud to announce the beta release of Xobni for the Pine email client. This new release includes support for all major operating systems, including Mac OS X, Linux, and Windows running Cygwin.

Xobni beta for Pine exemplifies our commitment to bringing Xobni to platforms outside of Microsoft Outlook.

Click here to see the revamped Xobni homepage which will go live tomorrow.

Xobni for Pine will feature all of the same great features you’ve come to expect from Xobni for Outlook, including: ultra-fast search, conversation threading, and social network discovery. It also adds some new features that we’re sure you’ll find useful, like spacebar navigation, ASCII avatar rendering, 100K memory footprint, and a powerful keyboard command set (see man page).

We’re very excited about the future of the pine platform and look forward to developing and improving Xobni for Pine in years to come.

UPDATE: With April Fools’ come and gone, we must admit that this was made in commemorative jest. We hope you enjoyed our geeky humor!

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