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Out is In: Xobni + LinkedIn = Job titles, Employer, and Pictures

Today we’re launching a new version of Xobni that we’re very excited about. Early during the life of Xobni we realized that email is about people, but no existing email clients gave people the priority they deserve. We quickly seized on what we believe is a huge opportunity to build a more socially aware email environment. We’ve long believed this idea extends beyond email to other sources of relationship data, both on the desktop and on the web.

For our users, Xobni has become both a way to organize an overloaded inbox and a way to manage relationships. Xobni’s capacity as a relationship management tool is greatly enhanced by today’s announcement that LinkedIn profile data is now visible in Xobni profiles. Integrating data from LinkedIn, the world’s largest professional social network, will dramatically improve Xobni’s utility as a relationship management tool and further integrate email with data from the web.

See the official press release here

This new version of Xobni (version 1.4) is being automatically updated on existing users’ machines and is also available for immediate download at

What you will find in version 1.4:

LinkedIn integration

Xobni users will now see LinkedIn public profile data automatically displayed in Xobni profiles. You will see the job title and the employing company of the person you are emailing with. Clicking on the LinkedIn logo will take you to that contact’s LinkedIn profile. Also, LinkedIn profile pictures will be automatically displayed in the Xobni sidebar. We’ve been using this feature internally for several weeks, and having this information at your fingertips when you are interacting with a new person is immensely powerful.

We have plans to extend this feature with more information from LinkedIn that becomes available when you are logged-in to their service. Make sure to verify that your LinkedIn profile and picture are set to “public” so that other Xobni users can see your pretty LinkedIn picture when you send them an email.

Keyboard shortcuts

This feature is for our power Xobni users – thanks for your
feedback! We have implemented the
following keyboard shortcuts for use with Xobni.

Keyboard shortcuts for when the Outlook window has focus
These keyboard shortcuts function anytime the Xobni sidebar is showing (collapsed or open) and the main Outlook window has focus.

  • Focus on the Xobni search box: Ctrl – [~]
  • Collapse/Expand sidebar: Ctrl – Shift – [~]
  • Email the person in sidebar: Ctrl – Alt – N (mirrors Outlook’s compose email: Ctrl-N)
  • Go Back in the drilldown/search history: Ctrl – Backspace

Keyboard shortcuts for when the Xobni sidebar has focus:

  • Go Back in the drilldown/search history: Backspace

Folder selection

Another feature many of our users want is the ability to select or deselect folders or outlook data stores that you want included in Xobni’s search results and person profiles.

Do you store important data in the deleted items folder? Do you want Xobni to index that folder? Now you can. Do you have a ton of old PSTs that you don’t want searched by Xobni? Now you can deselect those folders from our index:

After you’ve selected or deselected a folder, and only after we re-indexed your machine, the xobni search index will reflect the changes. Remember re-indexing occurs during idle times or when you manually force an indexing in the Xobni menu.

Performance improvements

We are constantly working to improve the performance of Xobni. We also work hard to limit our interaction with the native Outlook email client. We have made two great steps in improving both of these areas. We have improved the way by which we index new messages as they are sent and received. This improves the responsiveness of Outlook for users that experienced a slowdown when they were sending or receiving new messages. Also, we’ve made an improvement to the Xobni UI rendering. Xobni profiles that contain long histories of conversations and attachments now load much faster.

Quick Tip: Searching for contacts within a company

Xobni has lightening fast people search. But you can also search on company names to find employees within that company with whom you have exchanged emails, or who have been copied on an email with you. So if you are looking for people from Apple Inc, you can search and you will find people with emails in the search results. Very simple and very powerful.

Let us know your tips on using Xobni. If we publish them, we’ll send you a Xobni t-shirt!

Quick Tip: Quickly add a photo from the web to a Xobni profile

Xobni is much cooler when your contacts have photos. Recently we added the ability for Xobni to import photos from the Outlook address contact book. But you can also add a photo directly to Xobni, which has a great image cropping tool. Here is how you do it:

1) Right click on grey holder image of a person’s contact card in Xobni
2) Select Edit Info
3) Click Change below the photo placeholder. You can choose a photo from your PC, or there is a cool trick to grab an image off the web. Here it is:

a) Use something like Google Image Search or Flickr to find a picture of the person on the web
b) Copy the location of the photo. You can do this by right-clicking on the photo in your browser and selecting “Copy Image Location”
c) Paste the image location in the File Name: field and click on the Open button.

Viola you are done. Xobni will grab the image off the internet and you can crop from there.

Xobni reviewed by PC World, given *Superior* ranking

Kevin Tofel over at PC World posted a great review of Xobni today. See here.

Xobni has been featured in PC World several times both in print and online, but today they released their official PC World review of Xobni. These reviews have been known to make or break products and companies. Today’s review made Xobni.

Xobni received a score of 93/100 and a superior ranking. This is a higher score than any other software product I was able to find on in 10 minutes of browsing. Very Exciting!

Some choice quotes from the article:

“This free application is a must-have for anyone who lives in Outlook”

“It provides functionality that Outlook should deliver natively, and does so without affecting the e-mail client’s performance.”

“Instead of treating mail conversations, contacts, and calendars as separate entities, Xobni weaves them together in a responsive, intuitive interface.”

That last quote is my favorite. That is EXACTLY what we like to hear!

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