Xobni is Growing, Adding Technical Teeth, and Saying Goodbye to a Good Friend

Today we’re are announcing some additions, changes and opportunities for the Xobni team.

Engineering excellence is in Xobni’s DNA. We are on seeking teammates who will help us extend our technical and product ambitions.

The key open roles for Xobni today are QA Automation Engineer, software developers, and a VP of Engineering to lead our band of merry engineers.

Ryan Gerard, our QA engineering lead, seeks an QA Automation Engineer. Ryan wrote a great blog post that gives a good perspective on the value quality engineering. If you are interested in this position, please email jobs@xobni.com with the subject “QA Automation Engineer”. 

This week we just had an offer accepted for a Sr. Software Engineer position. Great news, but we have more roles open, and it took us months to find this candidate. We are seeking more fantastic software developers, so if the problems Xobni is tackling inspire you, send us your resume at jobs@xobni.com. You will find our software engineering job description here.

And finally, at the end of this summer Gabor Cselle will be leaving Xobni to work on his very own startup. Gabor has filled the role of VP of Engineering admirably for the past year and half. We will capture some great Gabor moments in a future blog post, and maybe we can inspire one of the team to put together a “Best of Gabor” video 😉 And while we are sad to see Gabor go, his departure is a big opportunity for Xobni.

Today we kick off a search for that perfect engineering leader to come join Xobni for the next set of challenges. The right person will champion our engineering ethos, while delivering a fantastic product, on-time. The team will be growing quickly, so a candidate should be an able manager who excels at rapid company growth. They must know how to ship desktop software, particularly with today’s tools and challenges.  They must know how to add or remove process as a company grows, and they must command the team’s respect through their hard work and character.

This is a key role for Xobni, reporting to the CEO with board of directors visibility. If you are or know the perfect engineering leader for Xobni, drop us a line. You will find the full job description for our VP of Engineering here.

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  1. 1 ISO the perfect team member, aren’t we all? Trackback on July 23, 2008 at 5:51 pm

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