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Xobni is hiring a web developer

The role of web developer at Xobni is one of the most diverse technical roles within the company.

Xobni’s core application is desktop software, but the places where our product touches the web are vast: web data integration (ex: LinkedIn, Yahoo search), user tracking, viral invitation campaign systems, in-application messaging systems, etc Additionally, the work that is done to understand users after we have acquired them involves an array of internal tools for measuring the effectiveness of various marketing campaigns and product improvements. Finally, everything that is done to educate and attract a user before they download Xobni is approached as a science at Xobni. All of the systems that help us achieve the above objectives are the responsibility of Xobni’s web developers. This aspect of our team is growing and we are excited to be hiring for the role of Web Developer at Xobni.

If you consider yourself a web generalist with exceptional development skills and an interest in extending Xobni’s touch points with the web, methods for acquiring users, and tools for quantifying our company’s success, then we’d love to talk to you about the role of web developer at Xobni.

Click Here to see our complete job description for this role.

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