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Xobni brings the internet into Outlook… 4 ways your Outlook will never be the same

Xobni users can now search their free Yahoo! Mail from inside the Xobni Outlook sidebar, view Facebook profile data, browse Hoover’s company profiles, and instantly initiate Skype chats and calls.

The official press release can be found here.

We have been quiet on our blog for a while, but the Xobni office has been buzzing away. Today we are launching the results of the last four months of hard work – Xobni has partnered with Yahoo! Mail, Facebook, Skype, and Hoover’s to bring in-depth relationship data and communication services into the Xobni Outlook sidebar. We have also extended our Linkedin integration, improved numerous elements of the Xobni interface, and made new steps in improving Xobni’s performance.

The new version (1.6.3) is available for immediate download

Current Xobni users will be automatically updated over the next several weeks. To force an upgrade immediately, please visit

Here are four reasons to try the latest Xobni today:

1. Search your Yahoo! Mail without leaving Outlook

  • All email stored in your Yahoo! Mail account is fully searchable using Xobni, for FREE!
  • Contacts, email, and attachments from Yahoo! Mail accounts are available within Xobni
  • Yahoo! Mail search results now appear seamlessly displayed alongside Outlook email.

2. Instant Facebook Status and Photos

Xobni’s sidebar displays key Facebook information to keep up with connections, including:

  • Status messages
  • Profile picture
  • Latest photo uploads and tagged photos
  • Network memberships

3. Smart Skype Integration

Xobni’s sidebar now enables the following Skype functionality from within the sidebar:

  • Skype chat
  • Skype to Skype calls
  • Skype Out calls
  • SMS

Xobni’s sidebar also displays the following:

  • Online/offline status for Skype contacts
  • Automatic discovery of the Skype name for the people that send you email

4. Hoover’s arms you with instant research on your contacts’ employers

  • Xobni displays senders’ company information based on email domain inside the Xobni profile
  • Company information displayed includes the official company description in Hoover’s, size of the company, headquarters location, and sales figures.

As always, Xobni remains highly customizable so that you always have the power to choose the features and integrations that work for you.

Check out these cool new features in our latest product video

We continue to focus on improving the core Xobni experience and improving the existing features our users have come to love. Today’s announcement reiterates our commitment to providing context and efficiency to your email relationships.

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A Note On Privacy

Privacy. Many companies are scared of this word and treat it as a taboo subject, but it really shouldn’t be so scary. After all, companies spend loads of time and money to put privacy policies in place, and in the end, you, and only you, should be the one making the decision on whether or not your information is shared.

We at Xobni are huge privacy nuts (professionally and personally) and we understand what an honor it is to be so close to your inbox. This is exactly why we work with top privacy organizations such as the CDT and the PFF to make sure our products meet the highest industry standards – and more importantly, your (and our) standards.

Just in case you aren’t familiar with what we do and don’t do, here is a brief overview and also a link to our privacy policy…

Xobni Does:
Send a ping to our servers telling us that your Xobni client is being used, your email address, your IP address, how many invites have been sent and what version of Xobni you have, to help us with updates.  If a user does decide to opt-in to one of our web services, such as our LinkedIn integration, we then communicate recipient email addresses for the sole purpose of retrieving their profile information from these services.  This information is prohibited from being used for any other purpose.

Xobni Does Not:
Send email content, subject lines, or email account login and password information to our servers. Period. It’s that simple.

We want everyone to have a great experience when using Xobni, and to feel that their information and data is safe, so please continue to share your thoughts with us. We’ll keep listening to you and working with leading organizations to make sure our privacy policy is always top notch and meets everyone’s high standards of privacy.

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