One User Per Week – Michelle Deo

I had a great call with Xobni user Michelle Deo today. Michelle is a professional organizer from Georgetown, Kentucky. As you can expect, a professional organizer would be pretty excited about Xobni.

As a professional organizer, Michelle helps families and companies organize the processes by which they run their lives and their businesses. This ranges from new organizing systems for their closets at home to filing systems and work-flow management systems for the office. You can read about Michelle’s business on her website

While Michelle focuses on organizing people’s physical information, she uses xobni to organize her digital information.

Michelle gets a lot of personal and business email and loves that Xobni organizes her inbox around people. She enjoys the automatic contact information extraction, the photos of her contacts, and having all of the conversations and attachments from a contact in one place. Michelle has been using Xobni for 6 months, and regrets not finding it earlier!

I asked Michelle about a couple unique ways she uses Xobni. She had some pretty cool examples to share. Here are a few:

Michelle is a leader of a mothers’ group in Kentucky. The mothers’ group shares information about all things related to being a mom: what schools to send kids to, where to get clothes for the kids, recommendations on music teachers, etc Michelle said these interactions always happen through email, because when you are a busy mom with kids crying in the background, the phone just doesn’t cut it. Michelle likes that Xobni organizes all of the conversations and contacts she has from her mothers’ group, making it really easy to find exactly what she needs.

Another cool example of how Michelle uses Xobni came from her experience after the National Professional Organizers Conference. Just like we’ve all experienced after returning from a conference, Michelle got inundated with emails from new contacts after the event. Michelle told me she isn’t great at remembering people’s names, however, she never forgets a face. She used Xobni to manage all of her incoming email from the conference. Xobni put a face to every name. She would remember “oh yeah, Jim, I recognize him, I talked to him at the happy hour on Thursday”, “Carrie, right, she was the speaker on day two.” Without Xobni, and the pictures Xobni pulls from LinkedIn and Facebook, Michelle never would have known how she met each person that emailed her.

I really enjoyed speaking with Michelle. It was great to hear how a mother/small business owner/professional organizer uses Xobni. Michelle has told so many people about Xobni, if she wasn’t running her own business we’d hire her to work on our marketing team!

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