Jake Hoban (project manager, Western ECI) – One User Per Week

I had the chance to talk to another great Xobni user recently – Jake Hoban. Jake is a project manager at Western ECI, a land development company, specializing in civil engineering.


Jake discovered Xobni on Lifehacker.com and has been using Xobni for at least one year. Western ECI is a small company of only 10 employees, and 2 or 3 of their employees are using Xobni. Jake is a big fan of Xobni because he manages many small projects and deals with many different clients. Xobni makes his job easier.

Jake told me he gets between 20-60 emails each day. 50% of his email comes from people within his company and 50% are with people outside his company. I thought he’d tell me Xobni was more helpful managing external communications, but he said it honestly helped him a ton with both categories.

When Jake and I really got deep into the conversation, he admitted to me why he really likes Xobni. He told me that his company has a filing system for organizing emails into Outlook folders – but Jake gets lazy about staying on top of foldering all the email he gets. He is even worse about filing sent emails, which are often just as important. He said Xobni gives him all the benefits of being organized without having to work as hard. I admitted that is exactly what I love about Xobni, and is much of the reason we created it.

Jake also told me another cool anecdote. He said he sometimes uses Xobni for silly, non-important things, like looking up the picture of someone he’s never met before, but has exchanged tons of email. With one click he can pull up their LinkedIn profile or Facebook profile and learn all about them. For him it isn’t necessarily something that is important to his job, but he finds it fun. If Xobni can make email more fun for Jake, that makes me happy. That is why we have t-shirts that say “love email again.” It used to be fun to hear that AOL “you’ve got mail” notification. Then email become overwhelming and wasn’t cool anymore. We like to think Xobni can make email cool again. I know Jake feels we have.

Jake wasn’t all praises. He had his list of feature requests like all Xobni users seem to have. He wanted to do more powerful things with the contacts list Xobni creates. He wanted to be able to easily share contact information across his company and he wanted to see more advanced options in our search feature. Jake had a lot of good ideas, and he will be happy to know that a lot of what he wants will be coming to Xobni users soon.

We really like talking to our users. If you have 30 minutes to spare in your busy day, I’d like to talk to you about how you use Xobni for your job. I’ll write about our conversation here on the Xobni blog and we’ll send you a few Xobni tshirts to share with your co-workers. Submit a comment to our blog if you’d like to participate.

3 Responses to “Jake Hoban (project manager, Western ECI) – One User Per Week”

  1. 1 James Wise June 23, 2009 at 11:52 pm

    Hi Matt, I would be happy to speak to you. I have been using Xobni since January of 2008 and I’m a BIG fan.

    – James

  2. 2 Waldo Hogendoorn June 24, 2009 at 5:23 am

    just to let you know that I love your program from V1.6 when I started to use it.
    i spreadit out in The Netherlans to many colleages and Friends and almost every one is using it now !!

    It saves time for me, I find emails much faster, LOVEe the picture option from the add-ons and I see pictures from people that I do business with that i have never seen before.

    Nice Feature would be that it can be used in the contacts as well.

    Keep on the good work .



  3. 3 Kevin June 24, 2009 at 6:18 pm


    I would be very interested in speaking with you about how I use Xobni. The guys at JKontherun turned me on to it last year and I have not been the same since. I can’t get through a work day without the network, conversations and files exchanged functions. I use the Linked-In feature all the time and the email statistics frequently. Additionally, having the visual illustration of when and how many emails I exchange with everyone is a great form of validation if not outright gratification. I get buried in email every day. It is nice to when, with whom and why.

    Let’s schedule something soon.


    Kevin H.

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