Lisa Choi (Partner Program Manager) – One User Per Week

lisa_choiI met this week’s user in a non-traditional way. I was at a birthday party for my friend Sundeep here in San Francisco, and he introduces me to his friend Lisa. We started talking and Lisa asked what I did. I said I started a company called Xobni – and she cut me off before I could finish the sentence to cheer “I love Xobni!”

I think she gave me a hug – or a high five. Either way, I figured it’d be appropriate to invite Lisa to interview for One User Per Week.

Lisa works for Responsys, a cross-channel marketing automation system. They focus on enterprise online marketing, and specifically email marketing. Most of their customers are big companies like William Sonoma, Southwest Airlines &

Partners, Partners, Partners

As a partner program manger Lisa is responsible for everything “partner” – managing product partners like web analytics firms, doing partner event marketing, partner evangelism, etc Lisa is often juggling a lot of different partners across her roles in business development, sales, referral relationships and more. She is often working with 25-30 partners at one time and with any given partner she could be working with dozens of different employees at the partner company.

Sounds overwhelming. And Lisa said it was, until she discovered Xobni.

Xobni for People People

Lisa is a people person and loves that Xobni surfaces the connections between people in her company, customers and prospects. A quick glance at the “Network” feed and Lisa knows who exactly is involved in a project.

A big part of Lisa’s job is building and maintaining relationships. She uses Xobni’s LinkedIn integration to find out where customers have worked before, where they went to school, and other factoids that will help her get a new relationship off on the right foot. She pointed out that Xobni has shown her that the personal world bleeds into the personal world – and she can use that personal information to her advantage in her job.

“Xobni Is My Lifeline”

My favorite thing I heard Lisa tell me harkens back to the rocket ship of a game show “Who Wants To Be A Millionaire.” Lisa described Xobni as her “lifeline.” When she is on a call and looking for something really fast Xobni helps her look prepared and organized to the partner she is talking to.

We built someone’s lifeline. That feels good. The Xobni team should be proud 🙂

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