Xobni Plus: People are Talking

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Xobni Plus has arrived. It’s an upgraded version of Xobni and provides valuable features such as better, faster search, and Xobni Rank ™-powered AutoSuggest. I absolutely love the new features.

But, why take my word for it?

People are buzzing about Xobni Plus. I hit the web and found some great stuff on Xobni’s amazing new features and some really wonderful real world examples of when Xobni Plus saves valuable time.

The idea is to do searches on top of searches to find that proverbial e-mail needle in the inbox haystack.” Clint Boulton, eWeek.com

Boulton described his experience when he returned to his Outlook inbox after a four-month hiatus from his job. Sounds like a nightmare, right? Luckily, Xobni Plus helped make his life a little easier.

He was able to utilize the Advanced Search feature to dig up old emails:

“Clicking Advanced immediately gave me the options to search From, To and Has Attachments. Clicking the + button next to the Has Attachments option added search filters for CC’d, All, With, Date, Body, Subject, Type and Folder fields. Narrowing the search to find e-mails with the word “Google” using these filters is a big leap in efficiency, which is what the tool is all about.”

The powers of Advanced Search were just beginning. Clint was able to easily pinpoint the email he needed by specifying the recipient of the email and the fact that it had an attachment.

As a journalist, Clint is sent mass emails that have hundreds of recipients. Using the Advance Search feature, he was able to only search emails from people with whom he had had direct email contact. This filters out much of the “junk” when searching for something important.

You can read the rest of Boulton’s article here.

“The ability to dig out ancient and obscure emails in seconds floored me the first time I used it,” Tim Slavin, reachcustomersonline.com

Slavin, a web designer and coder, had a great experience using Xobni Plus with his overflowing inbox. Xobni Plus searched his archived emails, as well as more current ones, which is a huge advantage to someone like Slavin who archives his email regularly.

Read the rest of Slavin’s article here.

“Xobni Plus includes some interesting new options that give Microsoft Outlook some much-needed smarts.” Doriano Carta, Web Worker Daily.

Carta enjoyed the Xobni Rank™-powered AutoSuggest feature, which auto-completes contacts in the “To” field, providing a drop-down list of ALL contacts, including those who have been included in the “cc” field or people who have written you, but you never wrote back (which is ignored by Outlook search).

Xobni Rank ™ then ranks those people and puts the most relevant contacts at the top of the list.

Read the rest of Carta’s comments here.

Finally, I took at look at what people are saying in the Twitter-sphere:

“Been using XOBNI Premium for a few days and I must say it is worth it .. i can locate emails in a flash with its advanced search strings.” @timbauer

“Upgraded to Xobni Plus, faster, better search and contact auto-complete. Price point of $30 makes sense as well for such a great product.” @seanmullaney

“Two days using @Xobni Plus and I’m actually hating my Outlook inbox a lot less again (Sending mail is better too!)” @refinch

“enjoy the use of @xobni plus… fast search and easy access to your contacts’ social media profiles” @mkhawaja

“Really liking some of the enhanced features of Xobni Plus. Finally controlling my inbox instead of it controlling me.” @HighTechDad

3 Responses to “Xobni Plus: People are Talking”

  1. 1 Mark July 31, 2009 at 1:10 pm

    Congrats to you guys for continuing to innovate and selecting a price point that doesn’t exclude those of us that want to continue to use your product. I noticed that the plus version comes with 1 year of support… do you have any plans to offer additional support options (at a cost, of course) after that year expires?

  2. 2 Geoff July 31, 2009 at 1:35 pm

    I was not interested in the plus version, the basic version sufficed.

    But the continued bombardment of the plus version marketing made me uninstall it. You need an option to turn off the marketure.

  3. 3 Sadler August 17, 2009 at 10:31 am

    The harassment to move on to plus was annoying but it was the hijacking of my email address completion that made me uninstall.

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