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Xobni to be Compatible with Windows 7 and Outlook 2010 at Public Availability

Windows 7 ImageAs part of Microsoft’s BizSpark 100 (a program designed to help startups thrive with early access to key resources), we’ve had the opportunity get an early peek behind the curtain of the soon-to-be-released Windows 7 operating system and the Outlook 2010 software scheduled for distribution next year. This early access gave us a chance to bang around on the product to ensure optimal compatibility for our users before it hits the market.

Given our focus on offering relationship management and productivity tools for the 500 million professionals using Outlook around the world, we began work right away to ensure we continue to offer the best possible experience for Outlook users, no matter what version of Outlook or Windows professionals are using. Both the free product and Xobni Plus ($29.95) will be compatible with the upcoming versions of Windows and Outlook.

Xobni launches affiliate program

Due to the high demand from online publishers wanting to help us promote our products, Xobni has partnered with Commission Junction to launch the Xobni Affiliate Program. We are excited to be able to reward our publisher partners, aka affiliates, that have been sending new users our way.

If you love Xobni and sell software, have a website, or blog, the Xobni Affiliate Program might something for you to consider. Our program works like most traditional affiliate programs, in that we pay publishers for every successful sale of Xobni Plus. The commission earned is 20% for the sale of each Xobni Plus license. Before signing up, affiliates must submit an application Sign Up Here. The application is quickly reviewed and once approved, affiliates begin earning money.

We provide our affiliates with media assets along with relevant information about Xobni products to assist with the promotions. In addition, through our partnership with Commission Junction, affiliates have access to tracking, performance, earnings, and program information. We will add additional Xobni premium products to our affiliate program as we launch them. There is no cost to join the program so if you are interested in earning money on your website traffic, check out this link to learn more.

That’s it. Take a read through the fine print and see if you qualify to become a Xobni Affiliate Partner. We’d love to have you. And if you have any thoughts regarding the new program, shoot us an email at

With Regards to Valediction

Over here at Xobni we’re always interested in anything email – so we were naturally pretty intrigued to find this cool survey from our friends at They asked readers “How do you end your emails.” I’m personally a bit surprised that “regards” beat out “best” by so much!



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