Thanks, Enterprise!

If you ever had to switch schools when you were younger, you probably remember what it was like on the first day…. wondering if the kids would accept you, what the teachers would be like, and if the school food would be as disgusting as your last school’s cafeteria food.  Well, that’s a little how we felt about entering into the enterprise world after spending 2 years focusing 100% of our efforts going direct to consumer.

We had a good feeling that the kids would like us because the enterprise community had been recruiting us for quite some time – and the vast majority of our users use Xobni in the workplace – but we wanted to make sure we approached this opportunity in the right way.  We posted a link in a somewhat hidden area of our site asking companies interested in deploying Xobni to their employees to get in touch with us.  We were absolutely overwhelmed with the response.  We immediately began having conversations with a slew of IT administrators at companies of all sizes and soon had a product for them to test.  So after hundreds of conversations with IT administrators, systems integrators and CIOs and hard work by our product, business and engineering teams, we pulled the cover off Xobni Enterprise yesterday.

We were met with great interest from the media and the enterprise – now we are following up with all the interest.  We appreciate the warm welcome, and think this is a big step in our mission of bringing email happiness to all 500+ million Outlook users.

A snapshot of coverage from yesterday:

IDG (CIO, Computerworld, NetworkWorld, InfoWorld, The Industry Standard)Xobni CEO Talks About CIO’s, Gmail, and Getting Things Done

CNETPersonal Services Get Business Flavor:  Xobni and SugarSync

eWEEK Xobni Enterprise Launches as Salve for Corporate Microsoft Outlook

ReadWriteWebXobni Goes Enterprise 2.0

VentureBeat Xobni launches an enterprise version of its improved email inbox

IT Pro (UK) – Xobni moves to enterprise with new release adds enterprise appeal

OfficeDeveloper.NETXobni Sets Its Sights on the Enterprise

Seattle Post-Intelligencer/The Microsoft BlogPopular Outlook Add-On Makes Move for Enterprise

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