Bug fix update available for Xobni and Xobni Plus (1.8.3 build 8997)

Working together with our dedicated and helpful users, we have uncovered and fixed two issues in Xobni 1.8.

Xobni 1.8.3 build 8997 is a minor bug fix release and is recommended for anyone experiencing the issues below. It is available now at http://www.xobni.com/download/latest, and includes the following changes since builds 8559 and 8734:

1) Crash Fixes for Some Plug-in Conflicts

If you have been experiencing any crashing in Outlook after installing Xobni, please try this build. We have focused on resolving conflicts with other Outlook plug-ins, including Symantec Enterprise Vault. Thanks to “Gemster,” Mike Maccana, Ralf Vissers and many others for helping us identify and test this fix via our support community.

2) First-run startup screen now only happens on first run

For a handful of new Xobni 1.8 users, a “Welcome to Xobni 1.8; now with Xobni Plus!” screen was appearing every time they started Outlook. Wow, that was annoying… and completely unintentional. This is fixed. Thanks to Jay Johnson and others for reporting this issue.

General info: After you download, you will be prompted to close Outlook and the new Xobni version will be installed. If you’re already using Xobni 1.8, no new mail indexing will be required. All of your data (merges, contact information entries) will be maintained, no matter what version you are using currently.

If you have already purchased Xobni Plus, this download will simply update your software. You will not need to sign in again and no extra fee is required.

Thanks again for your feedback and thank you for using Xobni!

3 Responses to “Bug fix update available for Xobni and Xobni Plus (1.8.3 build 8997)”

  1. 1 Jerry November 18, 2009 at 4:32 pm

    I just got your email about there being a Plus version to Xobni, and so I ran over to check it out.

    Guys, I have to tell you, in my opinion you need to rethink your pricing. $29 puts it outside the range of an inpulse buy. I think you’re shooting yourselves in the foot, especially since everyone already has a free (non-plus) version that works perfectly well. I’m not going to plunk down thirty bucks on a whim. I’m going to think about it and probably put it off.

    If, however, it were in the $7-$9 range (closer to an iPhone app price) I would have impulse bought it. Boom. You’d have my money. My gut feeling is you’d have 10 times as many people buying for $9 than you will for $29. You do the math. Lower price higher volume, you’d score bigger.

    Hope this helps. Love the product. Not willing to pay $30 for it, though.


  2. 2 Matt February 5, 2010 at 5:43 am

    Gotta agree with Jerry. I use it on my work computer and love it (free version) and I even though about buying the plus version but $29 is too much. If it was $9.99 I would have done it a long time ago.

  1. 1 Xobni Blog: Xobni 1.8.5: Major Improvements for All, and Free “Links Exchanged” Upgrade for Xobni Plus Members Trackback on December 10, 2009 at 9:31 pm

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