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Xobni 1.8.5: Major Improvements for All, and Free 'Links Exchanged' Upgrade for Xobni Plus Members

As a few have heard via TechCrunch, or while test-driving the Xobni Salesforce Extension, a new improved version of Xobni has been in the works. Xobni 1.8.5 (build 9142) is packed with useful improvements for everyone, including a brand-new feature that is free to existing Xobni Plus members. Download it now or read more about the latest enhancements.

Xobni 1.8.5 Screenshot

(All features mentioned below are new since version 1.8.3 build 8997):

Links Exchanged (Xobni Plus feature)

  • Instantly see a list of links you have exchanged with a contact, ordered by date. Easily filter the list by URL.
  • Right-click any link in Xobni to preview and access the original message that contained it.
  • Links contained in any Xobni message search are now shown separately, for easy scanning.

Laptop-Friendly Tabbed Interface

  • New tabbed interface makes better use of your limited screen space and allows for more resizing and flexibility within Xobni
  • View a familiar summary of your communication with a contact, or switch tabs to show only one type of data (thanks to alpha testers for their feedback with this).
  • Filter the items in any tab with a quick search (Xobni Plus users have access to more advanced options)
  • More compact “business card” area
  • Extensions (such as Twitter and Facebook) can be resized to show more information. The LinkedIn, Hoover’s, and Salesforce extensions have been redesigned to take advantage of this as well (To get the Salesforce extension, please follow the instructions here).
  • Fans of the original panel-style interface can still switch back in the Xobni options.

Improved Phone Number Extraction and Display

  • Xobni is now smarter about finding the right phone number for your contacts in their emails.
  • A new “i” icon appears next to phone numbers that are automatically extracted from emails by Xobni. Clicking this will show you the text that the number came from. Numbers from your Outlook Contacts, or numbers that you edited yourself, do not have this icon.
  • Phone numbers are de-duplicated, and Outlook Contacts numbers are given higher prominence (thanks to cassianofonseca, Fred Greco, and Rob)

Productivity Enhancements – Saving You More Time

  • Click the folder icon when viewing a message to jump to that folder in Outlook (thanks James, Nick, and others for the idea). Please note that the message itself will not be selected in Outlook.
  • Enhanced drag-and-drop support for messages, conversations, and attachments. Drag any email, email thread, or attachment to any other window.
  • Drag messages to folders to add a copy of that message to the target folder.
  • Right-click any message to copy it and paste it into a new message as an attachment instead of as text.

Other Features & Fixes

  • New “share” button in the Xobni Statistics tab allows an easy way to show someone what time of day they most email you. “Hey, look what a night person you are!”
  • Direct Messages are now available in the Twitter extension (just click the “D” button when available)
  • Email addresses sent to you in message bodies are now indexed and available in people search. This is especially helpful when trying to see if you know anyone at a given company — just type their domain name into Xobni’s search and you might be surprised at whom you already know!
  • Bug fix: Adding LinkedIn contacts that were more than three levels away from you works more reliably (thanks Daniel)
  • Other minor bug fixes and performance improvements

General info: After you download, you will be prompted to close Outlook and the new Xobni version will be installed. If you’re already using Xobni 1.8, it is recommended that you re-index your mail to see all Links Exchanged. Simply select “Index Outlook Mail” from the Xobni menu to complete the index. All of your data (merges, contact information entries) will be maintained, no matter what version you are using currently.

If you have already purchased Xobni Plus, this download will simply update your software. You will not need to sign in again and no extra fee is required.

Thanks again for your feedback and thank you for using Xobni!

Microsoft Love

Well, the day came and went before we even had time to boast about it, so we’ll do it now.  Yesterday, Microsoft named us the Startup of the Day.  Yip yip!

Our love affair with Microsoft goes way back.  It started when we created a product that makes Outlook infinitely better, then spiked when Bill Gates demoed Xobni last year at Microsoft Office’s Developer’s Conference.  We were recently chosen to be part of BizSpark 100, and are very excited about being the Startup of the Day (yesterday).

To read the BizSpark interview with Jeff (our CEO), click here.

Get your Xobni on this Holiday Season – Giveaways

xobnigiftIt’s been a big year: 3 million downloads, Xobni Plus, Xobni Enterprise, Xobni for Salesforce & Xobni Mobile soon.  While we’re very proud of our accomplishments so far, we have a lot we want to do, and know that we wouldn’t be where we are without our loyal fans and users.

As a small token of our appreciation, we’ll be giving away Xobni Plus to 25 people who tweet and/or post to their public Facebook wall: “All I want for Christmas is Xobni!” (Of course, you can replace “Christmas” with a holiday of your choice.)  We’ll choose the winners randomly from the posts we see by searching on Twitter and Facebook.

And for those of you limited in your choice of software, or the ability to buy Xobni Plus due to your employer’s well-intended policies, we have come up with a fun (and hopefully productive) way for you to get Xobni Plus at work.  Click here to see a quirky, ad-libs-like letter for you to download or cut/paste/email to your IT person of choice.  It briefly explains the benefits of Xobni for professionals and the new Xobni Enterprise that will allow you to start using Xobni’s full functionality at your company.  We’ll also be offering a discount on Xobni Enterprise for companies who mention your letter.  And if that’s not enough, we’ll be giving away an Amazon Kindle to the person who uploads to most creative letter to Scribd, so have fun!


First Round gives Susan Boyle a Run for her Money

If we ever doubted we had the best investors in the world (we didn’t), this sealed the deal.  First Round Capital just released their annual holiday card, which is a compilation of First Round portfolio companies singing “Building Big Dreams” (Les Misérables).  This is turning into a nice tradition from First Round, and we look forward to participating in years to come.  (Last year’s theme was dancing, inspired by WhereTheHellIsMatt, and Rob Hayes is simply spectacular.)

First Round Capital 2009 Holiday Card from First Round Capital on Vimeo.

Adam’s Advice

Our very own Adam Smith spoke at MIT (his alma mater) in November where he gave a great overview of Xobni’s history, and advice for future entrepreneurs.  Besides just looking cool on stage, he covered a range of topics based on his experience building Xobni, including learnings on hiring pace, how to be nimble and execute well, and where to live and raise your startup.  He also shared his top reading suggestions for entrepreneurs.  While we like to think you’ll watch the full 28-minute talk, just in case you don’t, the top 3 reading suggestions are Founders at Work; High Stakes, No Prisoners; Paul Graham’s Essays.

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