One User Per Week BlackBerry Edition, feat. Nan Palmero

nan palmero fw

Now that the public has had access to Xobni for BlackBerry for a few weeks, I thought it would be an opportune moment to feature a user of the new mobile app in our One User Per Week blog series.  I asked Tyler, who heads up our alpha forum, to put out an interview request to those who had been testers, and I was surprised that I recognized the name of the first respondent: Nan Palmero, the winner of last year’s holiday letter-writing contest.  Eager to learn more about Nan and hear a seasoned Xobni for Outlook user’s thoughts on Xobni for BlackBerry, I gave him a call this morning.

Many email accounts, many contacts

Nan’s day job is “Chief Inspiration Officer” at Sales By 5, a position in which, as the name suggests, he performs many typical duties of a CIO, including evaluating new technology for the company (not coincidentally, everyone there uses Xobni for Outlook), as well as internal and external team building, crafting marketing messages for clients, and a variety of other roles.  As though playing the part of inspiring all of the employees within his organization as well as clients doesn’t keep him (and his BlackBerry) busy enough, Nan also works as a contributing writer for BlackBerry Cool, a leading blog within the BB community.  With unique email accounts from these two positions, as well as a personal Gmail account, all feeding into his BlackBerry, staying on top of saving contact information in the phone is a real pain point for him.  While the BlackBerry itself only keeps email from the last 60 days, Nan observed that Xobni’s ability to bring in contact info from all historical email allows users to “do a deep dive and find the contact that was otherwise lost.”

Dodge awkward phone calls with Xobni for BlackBerry!

I asked Nan if there had been any instances during his use of Xobni for BlackBerry when it really came through for him in a notable way, and he did indeed have a story to share.  Recently he needed to arrange a lunch with an acquaintance with whom he knew he had exchanged emails in the past and whose contact info he could have sworn he had saved.  When he went to email her, her address was not autopopulating, and Nan feared that he would have to call her up and do the ol’ “I know we’ve emailed each other before, but I can’t…seem…to find…your address…” call.  Instead, Nan remembered that Xobni could pull up her email address instantly, even though he hadn’t saved it, and bam!–lunch scheduled, via email, and the world saw one fewer awkward phone call.

It was especially cool to hear Nan’s perspective on the BlackBerry app development process, as he is a BlackBerry power user as well as an alpha tester of Xobni for BB.  We really appreciate the support we get from him and all enthusiastic Xobni users–in fact, we count on it in order for our products to succeed.  If you’re interested in participating in a One User Per Week interview, leave a comment on this post, and I’ll be in touch.

2 Responses to “One User Per Week BlackBerry Edition, feat. Nan Palmero”

  1. 1 Matt April 7, 2010 at 7:24 am

    You guys have an amazing product but do you have any plans for Google Apps or Mac based email clients? I would easily pay $100+ for a Google Apps or Mac based plug-in. I love that I no longer have to deal with Outlook but am indeed missing Xobni! (same question for non-blackberry devices…isn’t blackberry on the way out? :-))

  2. 2 Matt Brezina April 8, 2010 at 10:46 am

    Matt – our goal is to bring the Xobni experience everywhere you manage email and personal relationships. While we haven’t announced our next platform, be assured we are working on it, while continuing to improve the experience for our Outlook and BlackBerry users.

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