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Xobni auf Deutsch, mit XING!

by Michael Albers

(English post below)

Heute möchte ich Ihnen mit großer Freude die Freischaltung von Xobni auf deutsch bekanntgeben. Xobni, die Randleiste mit der Sie schnell und einfach Ihren Posteingang durchsuchen und Kontaktdaten auffinden können, steht nun auf deutsch zur Verfügung!

Rund 50% der Xobni Nutzer leben außerhalb der USA, ein großer Teil davon in Deutschland. Daher haben wir uns entschlossen, als ersten Schritt zu einer internationalen Expansion, unsere Präsenz im deutschsprachigen Raum durch eine deutsche Version zu untermauern. Unsere Produkte stehen damit ab sofort auf den deutschsprachigen Märkten (Deutschland, Österreich und Schweiz) zur Verfügung.

Xobni 1.9.3 in German with XING

Natürlich wären wir nicht in der Lage, ein überzeugendes Produkt ohne die enge Integration von XING zu liefern, dem auf den deutschsprachigen Märkten beliebtesten Business-Netzwerk.

Ab heute stehen den Xobni Nutzern folgende Dienste zur Verfügung:

  • Unter (Deutsche website) steht die neueste Version von Xobni für Outlook 1.9.3 zum downloaden bereit.
  • Eine komplett deutsche Installation (auf einem deutschen Betriebssystem), ist ab sofort möglich.
  • 90% von Xobni, einschließlich des Intro-Videos und alle wichtigen Aspekte der Benutzeroberfläche ist ins Deutsche übersetzt
  • XING wurde integriert und ist die Standard-Erweiterung in deutscher Sprache, zeigt Profil-Informationen an, Details und das Foto in der Randleiste von Xobni. Derzeitige Nutzer der Englischen Version von Xobni können Xing in den Optionen> Integration> Anpassen-Menü integrieren.
  • Wechseln Sie zwischen deutscher und englischer Sprache jederzeit mit unserer Xobni “Optionen” Menü

Der Randleiste sind noch nicht vollständig übersetzt, und Einige Passagen auf unsere Website. Wir arbeiten jedoch daran und werden unseren Nutzern in absehbarer Zeit auch einen deutschsprachigen Support zur Verfügung stellen.

Wir wünschen allen unseren Nutzern viel Spaß beim Ausprobieren von der neuen deutschsprachigen Xobni, und integrierung von XING in Outlook!

Wir haben bereits sehr positive Reaktionen auf unsere Xobni für Blackberry (noch in englischer Sprache) und Xobni One, mit deren Hilfe unsere Nutzer den Xobni-Service auch unterwegs nutzen können.

Für Unternehmen Anfragen, können Kunden auch die Möglichkeit unseren deutschen Wiederverkäufer zu nutzen.

Viel Spaß!

English post:

Xobni in German, with XING!

Today I am pleased to announce the release of Xobni for Outlook auf Deutsch. The Outlook sidebar that makes searching your inbox and finding information about your contacts fast and easy is now available in German!

Roughly 50% of Xobni customers reside outside of the US. In the past, they had access to the one and only English Xobni for Outlook. No more. Our premier effort to expand Xobni globally and support a growing International user base begins today with the German-speaking markets (Germany, Austria and Switzerland).

Of course, we have also super-charged Xobni for Outlook with XING photos and business profiles. XING is the most popular business network for German speakers, and has lately been the #1 requested Xobni extension.

So please visit (German page) or to download Xobni for Outlook 1.9.3 (build 11166), which includes these new features (since Xobni 1.9.2):

  • A fully German installation process (if on a German OS), and option to choose the German or English interface
  • 90% of Xobni, including the intro video and all major aspects of the interface, has been translated into German.
  • XING will appear by default for the German version of Xobni, showing job titles, photos, detailed profile information, as well as an “Add” button for people not yet in your XING network. Those using the English version of Xobni will need to “enable” Xing in the Options > Integration > Customize menu.
  • Switch between German and English at any time via the Xobni Options menu.
  • Other Outlook 2010-related bug fixes (ribbon menus appearing more consistently and improved AutoSuggest stability)

We do not yet provide customer support in German, but we will continue to improve upon this and deliver our German users the best experience possible.

Please join me in trying out Xobni auf Deutsch and we hope you’ll enjoy the new experience and tight integration of XING in Outlook.

Of course, our German users will also appreciate being able to use Xobni for Blackberry (although still in English) and Xobni One to complete their entire Xobni experience and have access to their contacts wherever they go.

For any Enterprise inquiries customers will also be able to leverage our German Resellers.


Update May 21st: Build 11108 was replaced with build 11166 to fix a LinkedIn image issue.

Google Gadgets in Microsoft Outlook? Yes, thanks to Xobni

Posted by Jeff Bonforte, CEO

Today, Google announced a brand new developer platform for Gmail called Gmail contextual gadgets. This powerful platform essentially allows developers to build web gadgets that display alongside email messages. If you are a Gmail user, you may have seen these gadgets in the form of YouTube videos, Yelp listings, Flickr previews, or Picasa previews directly below a message that contained links to those services. We can’t wait to build a full-featured Xobni gadget for Gmail, but we’ll save that for later; I’m here to talk about something very big that Xobni is giving developers today

Bringing Gmail contextual gadgets to Microsoft Outlook

We know better than most the challenges of developing in Outlook. Since our early days, partners and customers have approached us with ideas and hopes for developing in Xobni (hence, Outlook), but didn’t have the resources to build and support a standard Outlook add-in. To address this, a Xobni extension platform has been on the drawing board for a long time. But when we saw the simplicity and power of Google’s new contextual gadget platform, we knew we had to bring it to Outlook immediately. Gmail’s new contextual gadgets platform provides a great alternative for developers looking to reach Outlook’s 600 million users, particularly for developers with more web development skills than desktop software experience.

Your Gadget in Outlook

Today we are releasing a Xobni for Outlook Developer Preview that will allow any developer to test their Gmail contextual gadget in Outlook 2003, 2007, and 2010 (32-bit and 64-bit).

Initially, only developers will have access to use and test Xobni’s new platform. Once deployed to users, these new gadgets will appear in Outlook via a horizontal bar at the bottom of messages, which easily expands or contracts, as needed. This is in concert with the current Xobni sidebar in Outlook, that offers lightning-fast search for information and contacts in email. Over the next few weeks, we will work closely with developers to finalize the details for distribution, monetization and placement of these gadgets.

So what’s the next step?

If you’re a developer, check out the docs on Google Code, then hop on over to, and dig right in.

Xobni for BlackBerry gets an update

Posted by Michael Holzer

Xobni for BlackBerry contact list
On Monday morning we released an update (view release notes) for Xobni for BlackBerry. This is an exciting release for us because we got to spend some quality alone time with Xobni Rank. For those of you don’t know, Xobni Rank is our way of prioritizing your contacts. The simple explanation is that we prioritize them based on your communication habits but trust me, there is much more involved. This area truly excites us here at Xobni so keep an eye out as we continue to refine Xobni Rank.

We added/improved the product in 4 key ways to address feedback from our customers as well as our Enterprise partners. In summary, in this release, we:

  • Improved Xobni Rank helping you get to the most important contacts fastest.
  • Added seamless deployment and activation via BlackBerry Enterprise Server for our Enterprise customers
  • Added support for downloading the client via Opera Mini and Bolt
  • Lastly, we gave you more control over your contacts. You can now create new contacts, edit titles, companies, and the rest of your contacts profile information.

Edit Xobni contact

Thank you to all of our users for their fantastic feedback and endless desire to help us make the product better. Don’t forget to submit feedback and report bugs via “Contact Xobni” in the menu of the Xobni app.

Download the release now by going to ‘’ on your BlackBerry browser.

OUPW: Sarah Craddock – University Residence Hall Director


  • Position: Residence Hall Director
  • Company: University of Northern Colorado
  • Xobni user since: 2007
  • Product she uses: Xobni for Outlook
  • Favorite feature: Files Exchanged
  • Email philosophy: “Inbox zero, whenever I can”

Between carrying out closing procedures for the academic year and gearing up for the summer schedule of conferences and other events, Sarah had tackled one of the busiest weeks of the year at her job as a university Residence Hall Director just before I caught up with her.  The amount of activity Sarah is responsible for managing naturally leads to a flurry of time-sensitive email–and a great opportunity for Xobni for Outlook to have a big impact on her efficiency.

“What’s that thing on the side of your screen?”: Sarah has first-hand experience of the “over-the-shoulder” factor of Xobni’s sidebar in Outlook.  Coworkers walking by are accustomed to the standard colors and UI of Outlook, but when Xobni’s presence grabs their attention, they often stop and ask Sarah questions about the plugin.

Rising in Xobni Rank: Once she had shared Xobni with her coworkers*, their discovery of Fun Facts, including Xobni Rank, brought out the competitive spirit in some of them.  Developing strategies to get to the top of someone’s contact list has become a running joke in her office.  The winning tactic?  Of course, working closely with someone tends to lead to them becoming a highly ranked contact for you, but there was a quick and dirty method of making use of company listservs alluded to as well…

It was interesting to hear how Xobni works for Sarah in her position within Higher Education (especially since it was quite different from the experience of my first OUPW interviewee in Higher Ed).  If you’re interested in sharing how you use Xobni as part of the One User Per Week blog series, let me know in the comments, and I’ll be in touch.


*Oftentimes, Sarah uses our in-product invite system to share Xobni with others.  We love it so much when people do this that we give away one Xobni Plus license a week for a user who sends invites through the product.  Try it out: just click the heart button at the bottom of the Xobni sidebar, and Xobni will suggest Outlook users to invite from your contacts.

We think in minutes not months

by Matt Brezina

Last week we participated in making a video titled “Choose The Cloud.” For us this video is about how the software world is changing for enterprise customers. We teamed up with other startups who share the vision of building products that meet the needs of the end customer. It is a vision of quickly iterating on the needs of customers. It is a vision of enterprise customers taking the software they use at home to work. It is a vision of enterprise customers choosing what software works best for them. And it is a vision that all these changes happen in minutes, not months.

In the last year Xobni launched Xobni Plus – our first premium offering, Xobni Enterprise – a customizable and controllable version of Xobni for the enterprise, & Sharepoint extensions, a BlackBerry app, our own cloud service Xobni One – a service that connects Xobni profiles across the web, and more. We want to continue to create products and services for our customers at this same pace, and through the same process of intense interaction and focus on the end consumer.

So join us,, Get Satisfaction, PBworks, SlideRocket, Socialtext, SugarCRM & Zuora in sharing this vision. Share this with your contacts by tweeting here.

OUPW: Xobni & the First Job


  • Name: Joe Troyen-Schwartz
  • Position: Business Analyst
  • Heard about Xobni through: Matt Mak, an Analytics specialist at Opera
  • Product he uses: Xobni for Outlook
  • Favorite feature: Attachments Exchanged
  • Product request: Xobni for Gmail

I’m excited to feature Joe in OUPW this week, not only because he’s an enthusiastic Xobni devotee, but also because he exemplifies a user type that has yet to make an appearance on our blog: the recent (well, within 2 years) college grad.  Although frustration with enterprise software is widespread, using stodgy business software can be especially painful for those of us who have gone through school accustomed to using all the cool tech tools we choose.  The functionality Xobni brings to Outlook makes the office software behave in a way much more like what Joe and other Millenials have come to expect from the technology we use.  It certainly seems to resonate with Joe–here’s what he had to say about Xobni:

Detangling the inbox jungle: “Xobni organizes the jungle that is my mailbox into meaningful views.  Groups all conversations by contact, and then allows me to slice and dice from there- by conversation, attachments, links, or just superpowerful search.”

Attachments in a flash: “I don’t even save files on my hard drive anymore.  Seriously, it feels like cheating.”

Email invincibility: “Today my Outlook wasn’t working so I had to spend the day without Xobni.  I felt mortal.”

It’s always awesome to hear Xobni having such a dramatic impact on an Outlook user.  It’s particularly reaffirming that workers at Opera are adopting Xobni, as the consulting firm is known for leveraging the best tech tools for both internal and client use.

If you want to participate in OUPW and get your name in lights on the Xobni blog (and a free t-shirt!), let me know in the comments.

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