Xobni for BlackBerry gets an update

Posted by Michael Holzer

Xobni for BlackBerry contact list
On Monday morning we released an update (view release notes) for Xobni for BlackBerry. This is an exciting release for us because we got to spend some quality alone time with Xobni Rank. For those of you don’t know, Xobni Rank is our way of prioritizing your contacts. The simple explanation is that we prioritize them based on your communication habits but trust me, there is much more involved. This area truly excites us here at Xobni so keep an eye out as we continue to refine Xobni Rank.

We added/improved the product in 4 key ways to address feedback from our customers as well as our Enterprise partners. In summary, in this release, we:

  • Improved Xobni Rank helping you get to the most important contacts fastest.
  • Added seamless deployment and activation via BlackBerry Enterprise Server for our Enterprise customers
  • Added support for downloading the client via Opera Mini and Bolt
  • Lastly, we gave you more control over your contacts. You can now create new contacts, edit titles, companies, and the rest of your contacts profile information.

Edit Xobni contact

Thank you to all of our users for their fantastic feedback and endless desire to help us make the product better. Don’t forget to submit feedback and report bugs via “Contact Xobni” in the menu of the Xobni app.

Download the release now by going to ‘bb.xobni.com/download’ on your BlackBerry browser.

1 Response to “Xobni for BlackBerry gets an update”

  1. 1 linz June 3, 2010 at 12:07 pm

    i love xobni and xobni for blackberry, but i’m contemplating a leap to a droid phone. any chance of xobni for the android platform anytime soon?

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