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Xobni is Top Choice on CrackBerry’s BlackBerry

by Terra

CrackBerry did a great post today about their bloggers’ favorite BlackBerry apps.  It was cool to get an inside look at what these BlackBerry die-hards carry around with them, but even cooler to learn that XOBNI was a top app for 6 out of the 9 surveyed.  Woot!  We love building good products that people use every day, and it gives us the warm and fuzzies when we get recognition like this from our users.

Aside from Xobni, they have some great selections in here that we wanted to share with you.  Below is a breakdown of the “chosen ones” from CrackBerry bloggers.  Thanks, CrackBerry!


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About Xobni

Xobni’s contact management products offer lightning fast email search and organization of your inbox, as well as an innovative and comprehensive address book for the mobile device.


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