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Xobni Wins CrackBerry Editor’s Choice Award!

Xobni Mobile is the proud winner of the CrackBerry Editor’s Choice Award!

This award was given to the 5 App developers that the Crack Team feels are absolute must-haves for every BlackBerry owner.  We are thrilled with this recognition.  This has been a big week for Xobni on the Mobile front with inclusion in the keynote at BlackBerry Devcon and in the BlackBerry App World carousel (where we are on sale for $4.99) – and this is the icing on the cake.

Thank you CrackBerry and congrats to the other winners of the Editor’s Choice Award – SmrtGuardSccopeApp World 2.0 and CrackBerry Wallpaper Changer – Xobni is thrilled to share this honor with you.

BlackBerry Love – App Promotion!

What a week with BlackBerry!  They are hosting their developer conference in San Francisco this week and the city is abuzz with BlackBerry excitement.  They announced their iPad competitor called the PlayBook with more of an enterprise slant (see what the bloggers have to say about it here).  Jeff, our fearless leader (who already has 3 iPads in his family) says he’s definitely buying a PlayBook, and many others in the office are excited to dig in.

And what perfect timing – Xobni is featured in the App World Carousel (featured apps) this week!  In celebration of BlackBerry DevCon and our debut in the Carousel, we’re offering a promotion on Xobni Mobile for BlackBerry for $4.99 (regular price $9.99).  This is for a limited time, so snatch it up now!  We’ve made it really easy for BlackBerry users to get it by scanning the barcode below.  Simply go into App World, turn on scanner and scan your computer screen.  And voila!  You now have the world’s best address book.

Last but not least, we released more tickets for the DEVCON party we are throwing at our offices this week in partnership with CrackBerry and BlackBerry Partners Fund.  CrackBerry is going to be giving out their 2010 App Awards, so tickets are going fast.  We’ll have light food and great drinks – not to mention a fantastic DJ and good company.  Please be sure to RSVP because we can’t let people in who aren’t on the list.


CrackBerry has announced their finalists for the 2010 CrackBerry App Awards, and we’re one of the five chosen in the utility OS enhancement category for a “Crackie.”  Please VOTE NOW!  After just launching our app in March of this year (WSJ article, CNET Review), we’ve been thrilled with the response and thanks to your feedback and our tireless engineers, we continue to improve upon it.  We also now have a free trial, so people can give it a spin before purchasing it.

Months ago we decided to host a party at DevCon in support of RIM and the developer community.  Our friends at BlackBerry Partners Fund agreed to be a sponsor, so this enabled us to rent buses and move up a notch on the quality of beverages provided.  😉  This seemed like a perfect venue for the CrackBerry App Awards, so we are pleased to be hosting them this year.

If you’d like to attend, please be sure to RSVP here – you’ll need a ticket/name on the list to get in.

We’ve been pleased to be a CrackBerry Blogger favorite app for a while now, and getting nominated for this award is incredibly rewarding – but we want to win, so please help by voting today!

Xobni for BlackBerry Update & Free Trial Available

by Michael Albers

Two weeks ago, we proudly announced that Xobni for BlackBerry was available in App World.

We’d like to thank all of our existing and new App World users for their continued feedback, support and input. We really do listen and work very hard to put your feedback into account and resolve any issues encountered.

As such we are happy to announce a major BlackBerry update (*), available from App World for our App World users. And downloadable via your BlackBerry browser from Additionally we now offer a Xobni for Blackberry free trial when downloading from our website.

Also, if you enjoy and use our app, please don’t forget to support Xobni by leaving a positive review in App World. As always, for any issues, feedback or bugs, use the “Contact Xobni” link from the Xobni app menu so we can respond to you.

New Features:

  • A user can now use the convenience keys for launching the Xobni compose screen (in options)
  • A user can choose to add a Xobni signature to outgoing emails
  • Updated LinkedIn Login process
  • New menu item labeled “Activate” allows a user to activate manually after purchasing a license

Summary of Improvements/Fixes:

  • Compose integration for Xobni should only occur for native messaging app (fixing bars showing in other apps)
  • Xobni bar now shows up for draft messages
  • Compose integration is enabled when sharing media files by email
  • Fixed several compose screen defects that occurred when device was holstered or locked
  • Further improvements in search speed
  • Speed improvement in scanning emails, SMS, call logs
  • Improvements during contact updates to Xobni One
  • Improved failure handling during Xobni One updates (app closure, manual stop, failure, etc.)
  • A user can take a picture for a contact image from the image selection screen
  • LinkedIn login for devices at or below will retry it’s connections upon failure
  • New, updated and recurring Calendar events are now scanned and show in the Meetings section
  • Ranking improvements when scanning messages
  • SMS messages are shown for all phone number types
  • Speed improvement while viewing contact
  • General UI update in contact detail section
  • Stability problem resolved on certain 5.x OS versions

Thanks again for supporting Xobni and for your feedback and input – and reviews!

The Xobni Mobile Team

*Note: is the  build; is the App World build (these are identical feature wise).

UPDATE: Do be sure to check out some of the BlackBerry community, Fans and supporter blog response for this update at: BerryFicationBlackBerryCool, BerryReview, Rimarkable and BlackBerryRocks.

Xobni Survey: 70% of Us Email Outside of Biz Hours; 50% of Americans Email on Vacation

It’s no surprise to us in the fast-moving valley of tech companies that our personal time and work time are blurring.  We conducted a study in the US and UK that confirms email is not-so-slowly taking over our lives.  A survey of over 3,000 people points to a shift of from relaxation on vacation or the weekend to – you guessed it – more time working on email.

Here are the key takeaways from the survey:

  • The 9-5 work day is history! (Kudos to Computer Business Review for the headline of the day: Dolly Parton and the Death of 9-5)  There is no such thing anymore as the 9-5 work day in either the U.S. or the U.K. with the majority of workers regularly checking email on vacations, sick days, at home in bed, etc.
    • 72% of Americans and 68% of Brits check their email outside of regular business hours (vacations, weekends, non-work days)
    • 42% of Americans checking email outside of work hours shared that they do so when they take sick days compared to only 26% of Brits
  • Relax on Vacation? Seems like Americans need to take a tip from the Brits:  50% of Americans check email on vacation/during days off compared to 29% of Brits
  • Even the bedroom isn’t sacred anymore – 1 in 5 Americans who check email outside of business hours doing so in bed!  They are either checking in bed first thing in the morning or the last thing they do at night before falling asleep.
    • Interesting gender note:  Men are more likely to be checking email in bed compared to women – 21% compared to 16%

So, why do we do this to ourselves?  I mean, clearly we know we are doing it, but what keeps us addicted to email?   The results:  We’re more overwhelmed and under pressure that ever before.  Many people (43 percent) said they checked email outside of business hours in order to ease their workload and not feel so overwhelmed while in the office.  Another quarter of the people surveyed said they check email outside of work hours because they simply feel it’s expected of them.

These pressures brought on by our work and also ourselves, makes it difficult to fully unwind while on vacation or over the weekend.  We’ve been talking to people about their email for years, and often hear that the stress and overwhelming feeling people get on their first day back from vacation takes away all the relaxing/rejuvenation they experienced while out.  So in the survey, we asked people… are you overwhelmed upon returning from time away?  Over one-quarter of the people (26%) said they can’t handle/feel overwhelmed by the number of emails they received while out on vacation.  Further, nearly one in five people stated they find it difficult to be productive when they return to work because they have to spend too much time reading through old emails – many of which very well may not be relevant anymore.

At Xobni, we’re focused on helping people easily find the important information and people in their inbox – whether returning from vacation, or simply to manage the daily inflow of emails into your inbox.  Key Xobni features like threaded conversations can help people who have been out of the office quickly catch up on immediate issues without having to dig through message after message to get the full story.  To learn more about how Xobni can help you stay sane in Outlook, see some of our product demos/videos here.

Note: Survey conducted in partnership with Harris Interactive (in the US) and Opinion Matters (in the UK).  Full press release here.

Coverage of the survey so far has appeared in TechCrunch, Mashable, LifeHacker, CNET, and more.

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