Huddle Now Available in Outlook – via Xobni

by Josh Jacobson

If you’ve ever tried to track tasks, document revisions, or ever-changing project status updates via email, you probably know that email has its limits.  Yet, the reality is, many of us must spend hours each day in front of Outlook to get our jobs done.

That’s why I am very pleased to announce the availability of Huddle in Xobni for Outlook.

What is Huddle?

Huddle is the cloud-based collaboration platform that lets you connect and work securely with your contacts. Use Huddle to manage people, projects, files and information inside and outside of your business.

Why Huddle and Xobni?

By bringing Xobni and Huddle together, you extend the power of your inbox with quick access to document versioning, no file size limits, discussion forums, and whiteboards.  Instantly search for a contact in Xobni, and see all their recent activities, uploaded files and discussions within shared Huddle workspaces.  Get one-click access to all your shared workspaces with each co-worker, keeping you keep up-to-date on every project.  So even if your data and activity live in the cloud, you can keep tabs on it right inside of Xobni for Outlook.

How does it work?

The Huddle gadget in Xobni for Outlook provides you a dashboard of all activity within the workspaces you share with each co-worker.

  • Invite contacts to Huddle through Xobni for quick and easy collaboration
  • Get instant updates on your contacts’ activity
  • See who’s in your workspaces and quickly create new ones
  • Instantly access shared whiteboards, files, discussions, comments and projects with direct links from Xobni

How do I try it out?

  1. Download Xobni for Outlook 1.9.5 (released today, Oct 12, 2010)
  2. Click the blue and white “h” tab in the sidebar
  3. Create a Huddle account (or just sign in to an existing account)
  4. Click the account activation email and sign in
  5. Find others that you would like to invite to share files or information in a shared workspace, and click “Invite to Workspace”
  6. When you or they post updates, you will see their activity in Xobni
  7. When you see an update that interests you, mouse over to get more information, and click for a direct link to that item on Huddle in the browser

For more information about Huddle, please see

2 Responses to “Huddle Now Available in Outlook – via Xobni”

  1. 1 James Wise October 12, 2010 at 8:13 pm

    This is OUTSTANDING! I didn’t know about Huddle but it looks like a very useful tool. I have several projects coming up where I think this will be perfect. Being able to access Huddle data in Outlook via Xobni is very useful and should be a nice time saver. I really look forward to working with this more. Xobni already adds so much value and productivity and additions like this keep making the product better and better. Thanks for the great software!!!!

  1. 1 Xobni for Outlook 1.9.5 Released – First Xobni Gadgets Available « Xobni Blog Trackback on October 18, 2010 at 5:29 pm

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