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We Heart our Alpha Testers

So… We’re in alpha testing mode of a *super secret* product we expect to roll out in the coming weeks, and in addition to getting invaluable feedback from testers as they brave the new frontier of our products, we’re reminded of how great they are.  Case in point: Aaron.

Aaron has been a great sport in helping us identify some bugs in our most recent alpha product – and been very communicative about what is working for him, and what’s not working. We’ve already learned a lot from his experience and opinion, which to us, makes him a perfect alpha tester.  But there’s more!

In between coding and designing, we took the time to open a mystery package.  In it we found 5 of some of the coolest watches we’ve seen in a while – Modify Watches (Aaron’s company). The watches were a thank you for all the hard work the Xobni team is putting in to creating great products, which was a wonderful recognition of what we try to achieve!  After each snatching up our favorite color like a game of Jacks, cooler minds prevailed and we systematically handed out the faces and straps (they are interchangeable!) based on preferences (notice gender norms weren’t considered).

So now, we feel supercharged with our new time pieces.  Thanks, Modify Watches – we’re stoked to have such great users to help us improve on current products and shape future ones.

If you’re interested in getting on our testers list (for alpha and beta testing), feel free to email  No gifts required.  😉

Xobni for BlackBerry Major Update + Free Version!

After a fantastic award-winning year (“2010 CrackBerry Editor’s Choice Award Winner” and “ 2010 Readers Choice Award – 2nd place“), Xobni has been celebrating the Holiday season by offering Xobni for BlackBerry at the reduced price of $1.99.

In addition to this promo, we’re also releasing a FREE version of Xobni for BlackBerry available for download today by any user that would like to give us a try before upgrading to the full version (Xobni for BlackBerry Pro). Upgrading to Pro can be done in the app and all the features will automatically activate after upgrading.

But the bigger gift (in our opinion) is our next major upgrade – version 2.0.11 – which includes the following features:

New Functionality:

  • Universal Search – Universal Search integration for OS 6.x devices, Xobni results will show up in your native BlackBerry search! (Pro only)
  • Contact Sharing – Share full contact details, emails/phone numbers via email or SMS (OS 6.x). Xobni users will see a notification dialog in Xobni.
  • Export To Adress Book – Now users can export contact details from Xobni to the native BlackBerry Address Book (Pro only).
  • Search by Company/Title – Leveraging the social and Outlook contact details from Xobni, search for Company or Title (Pro only).
  • Free Version! – Xobni for BlackBerry can now be downloaded for free, which will include Xobni Pro upgrades with a few feature limitations (up to 3 compose screen lookups per day).

Other Application updates/improvements:

  • Phone number extraction updates and improvements
  • Meetings will show a 2 week past/forward timeframe for meetings
  • Ability to delete contacts via the hidden contacts view under options
  • Pro users will see a “Xobni Pro” icon
  • Activation menu item was added to activate from home screen
  • Search enhancements and improvements
  • Updated contact support and report feedback section
  • Selecting phone call or SMS log shows a details dialog
  • Email and phone icons have been updated
  • Stability and performance improvements

To upgrade to the latest version, simply go to from your BlackBerry.

We’d like to thank all of our BlackBerry users for a wonderful 2010 – their feedback, input and suggestions have helped us further improve our application, and we’re very grateful!  And we wish everyone a happy 2.0.11. 🙂


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