Xobni for Gmail: Relationships Matter

At left, Xobni for Gmail. At right, the people widget from Gmail

Yesterday Gmail released a new feature that occupies the same real estate as Xobni for Gmail.  This caused some of Gmail’s features to overlap the Xobni sidebar. Our engineers sprang into action and fixed the issue within a few hours. The Xobni sidebar now sits neatly in position and gets you back to goodness. All you need to do is refresh your Gmail page and your Xobni sidebar should be good as new!

This isn’t the first time and it won’t be the last time a major email client tries to add a little flava to the inbox or another product claims to be the “Xobni for xyz.” Since Xobni for Outlook was introduced in May of 2008, we’ve been saying that it’s the people in the inbox that really matter, not just the messages. It’s nice to see that companies like Google now agree.

Many people have asked us about the differences between what Gmail released and Xobni’s product for Gmail. Here are some of the benefits of using Xobni:

  • Cross-platform freedom: Xobni now has products in Outlook, BlackBerry and Gmail (iPhone and Android coming soon), and we connect all these accounts with Xobni Pro. So if you’re in Gmail, you can access all your Outlook contacts and their information, and vice versa.
  • Comprehensive contact creation: Our automatic address book creates Xobni contacts for everyone you’re ever interacted with in email—across any of your Gmail/Google Apps, Outlook, and BlackBerry platforms. Our feeling is that people don’t manage address books well, in general.  So we’re doing the work for you – and in a way that includes EVERY person, not just the ones you manually add to your address book.
  • Lightning-fast contact search, ranked by who you interact with the most from that account.
  • Rich social profile information from LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter gives you a more complete picture of your contacts, including photos, job title, company, updates and tweets. As much as we are huge Gmail fans, not all of us manually add pictures to our Gmail contacts, and not all of our contacts use Gmail.
  • Smart Visual Autosuggest: All of your Xobni contacts, right at your fingertips, ranked by who’s most important to you in the context of that mailbox.
  • Social Autosuggest: Emailing Bob? Immediately add other people you frequently email with Bob right in autosuggest.
  • Relationship History for the long-range view of how you know a contact

Xobni's Relationship History

In short, we are big believers in an open product that crosses platforms, external data and devices—because our real-life relationships don’t live within those boundaries.

If you’re not already using Xobni for Gmail Beta, sign up today. If you live in Outlook or BlackBerry, check out Xobni (free)and Xobni Pro—demonstrated to make you up to 300% more productive in how you manage contacts and email. Looking forward to connecting your smartphone? Get on the free BlackBerry app or sign up for the Android and iPhone alpha.

As always, feedback is welcome: visit our forums or email gmail-beta@xobni.com.

2 Responses to “Xobni for Gmail: Relationships Matter”

  1. 1 George Janczuk June 1, 2011 at 4:48 pm

    From the previous blog post you know that I’m into this sort of stuff; and whilst I’m a bit of a Xobni fanboi, I definitely do try and keep up-to-date on the competition as well (I’ve certainly tried Gist and Raprtive, but so far it’s definitely still Xobni for me) – so upon seeing this post I thought I’d try out the Gmail People Widget.

    Well – it’s not a very auspicous start when after a release you cannot access it! It does not appear on my personal Gmail account, and I’ve definitely checked that we’re on the rapid release track for our corporate Gmail, and it’s nor appearing there as either…

    So – it remains Xobni by default. And in all honesty, for me Xobni’s lead is pretty unassailable; for me in particular I need to maintain my contacts across Outlook and Gmail – something that the People Widget cannot do…

  2. 2 Ben June 6, 2011 at 12:19 pm

    I would like to use the Xobni for Gmail but I have not been chosen yet for Xobni for Gmail beta test, which I signed up a while ago already. So I’m asking you, please add me to the list so I can use your wonderful feature!

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