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Introducing the EchoSign Gadget: Sign documents without ever leaving Outlook.

by Josh Jacobson

While the technology we use to get work done has advanced impressively over the decades, the process of signing documents seems to have become worse since the dark ages.  Why, in this day and age, do we still have to go through Rube Goldberg-like contortions of printing, pens, faxes, couriers, scanners, call-confirmations and email-confirmations to complete simple document signing, especially when most documents start as digital files anyway?  Well, thanks to EchoSign, we can be done with all that.

EchoSign has already built an impressively easy web-based way to send and e-sign documents that has been catching on like wildfire. Over 3 million business people already enjoy its benefits.

Now, EchoSign has made it even easier to sign documents.  The EchoSign Gadget, available for FREE through the Xobni Gadget Store, saves you a round trip to the web browser, and lets you get on with your day.  Here’s how it works:

  1. You receive a “Please E-Sign” email sent via EchoSign,
  2. The EchoSign Gadget allows you to review the entire document and sign it right inside of Outlook.
  3. Now your job is done!  Just delete or file the email as desired.

If you’re asked to sign documents often, this gadget is definitely for you.

It’s just one more way that companies have used the Xobni Gadget Platform to shave minutes or hours off of tasks that their users do every single work day.

Read more about how it works at or install the EchoSign Gadget today.

Introducing Min State for Xobni for Gmail

We’re proud to introduce the latest version of Xobni for Gmail Beta (Production-48) Thanks to each of you who wrote in and posted in the forums. User feedback is always important, and it’s especially critical while a product is still in beta. We appreciate having such an active and engaged set of testers. To show thanks, we’re giving you some of your top-requested features!

Here’s what’s new:

1. Min State
With this new update comes our top-requested feature: the ability to expand and collapse the Xobni sidebar at will. This enables you to have Xobni neatly tucked away to the right-hand side of your workspace for when you want to focus. When you minimize the sidebar, you’ll see summarized versions of contact profiles, inbox view, and even search results—all fitted discreetly into a slim 50 pixel-wide profile.

To expand or collapse the Xobni for Gmail sidebar, just click on the left margin of the sidebar.

2. New color scheme to match Gmail’s default “Bold” theme
Coming soon: pick your own color theme to match your unique Gmail setup.

3. Faster Contact Creation
When composing an email, Xobni Autosuggest now instantly recognizes contacts that you’ve just emailed for the first time. You may not have noticed this, but not only do we show you info on the contacts in your inbox, we also create Xobni Contacts for them. This means that you can search and find that contact even if you’ve deleted messages from them.

4. Faster Email Composing
What’s different about Xobni Autosuggest? When you compose a message, we suggest your Xobni Contacts. This comprehensive list includes everyone you’ve ever emailed with—whether it’s multiple Gmail accounts, Outlook, or BlackBerry. That means you have access to all of your contacts, ordered by who’s most relevant to you in your current account. To make things easier for you, Xobni Autosuggest now allows tabbing to navigate to the next text field.

5. Social Network Updates

  • Social updates tab is now selected by default
  • New “Add” button next to LinkedIn profile info
  • Profile picker for Facebook and Twitter now includes links to view profile. You can even paste in a user ID for Facebook.

6. Xobni Profiles

  • If your’e the sender of an email you are reading, Xobni will show the receiver in the sidebar—we assume you know your own info 😉
  • We’ll preserve your tab status while you navigate through contacts. If you like having Recent Emails open, it will stay open. When you go back, you’ll see the previous open tabs.
  • Consistent message count for Recent Emails and Relationship History

7. Standalone Version now easier to access
Want Xobni in a separate browser tab? Search your Xobni Contacts and information while you’re not in Gmail. Just go to

8. Additional Improvements

  • Show Gmail’s contextual actions, such as “map this”
  • Fixed bug for email address ranking in the business card
  • Fixed handling wide HTML emails when Composing
  • Fixed display of email addresses with hyphens
  • Fixed injection failing in Firefox
  • Fixed: #email accounts in address book summary
  • Fixed: Sidebar handling of Gmail resizes
  • Removed Gears logging
  • Improvements to indexing progress: spinner, ghost contact count, progresss bar and % completion
  • We are now an authorized FFox extension

How do I get the new Xobni for Gmail?

  • For those of you with Xobni for Gmail installed, simply reload the page. Easy!
  • For those of you who don’t have Xobni for Gmail yet, sign up here.
  • For those of you still waiting on the list to get in, know that we are adding thousands of people each week. Tip: tweet a compelling plea to @xobni – we may be vulnerable to persuasion 😉
As always, feedback is welcome. Visit the forums and drop us a line—we’d love to hear from you.
—Team Xobni

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