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Whoa Nelly!

Uh… we knew there was interest in Xobni for Gmail, Android and iPhone, but we had no idea that we’d hit over 30K requests in a matter of hours.  Thanks to our loyal alpha testers, community/forum friends, current users, patient fans and blogger/media friends, word of our coming products got out quick.

We’re sending out the invites just as fast as we can and are stoked to have so many ready and willing testers to help us get the product ready for prime time.

Here’s to you!

Your Xobni friends.

Xobni 2.0, Xobni Pro and Xobni Cloud

by Jeff Bonforte

Today Xobni provides personal productivity solutions to over 6M people around the world.  With the release of Xobni 2.0, we continue to deliver our vision of being the ultimate in personal relationship management.  I’d like to elaborate on the previous post by Michael that introduced some of what is to come from Xobni.  To help illustrate the power of a connected Xobni, I thought I’d provide a little context.  So, let’s take a look back…

May: Xobni for Outlook v1 – Public Beta on May 5, 2008

July: Xobni Plus launched

Jan: Xobni for Enterprise
Mar: Xobni for BlackBerry
Mar: Xobni One
Jun: Xobni for Outlook 2010 (32-bit and 64-bit)

2011 (just the first half!)
Jan: Xobni for BlackBerry 2.0
Mar: Xobni for Outlook 2.0
Mar: Xobni Cloud
Mar: Xobni Pro
Q2: Unannounced Product for business users
Q2: Xobni for Gmail
Q2: Xobni for iPhone
Q2: Xobni for Android

In fact, in 2011 we will ship more new products than in the last three years, combined. Here’s why: the Xobni Cloud.  We’ll go into our new cloud platform a bit more below, but first, let me tell you about the new Xobni 2.0 and Xobni Pro. Together, they allow you to seamlessly manage thousands of relationships and allow us to provide you with powerful tools for your inbox and smartphone.

Xobni 2.0 for Outlook and BlackBerry (both free)
Xobni for Outlook v2.0 includes hundreds of updates, improvements and new features from our v1 product. It sports a fancy new grey skin, which makes Xobni look a bit more at home in Outlook. It includeslight-weight access to our new Spam Rescue feature, which looks through the junk folder for any emails that may have been incorrectly quarantined by Outlook. It also includes a number of key speed and stability enhancements. Xobni for Outlook v2.0 is available now for free. You can learn more and download it here.

Xobni for BlackBerry v2.0 is the free version of our award-winning automatic address book and lightning fast search app for your BlackBerry.

Xobni Pro
We have wiped out all the complexity of upgrading to our premium products with one unified premium level – Xobni Pro. With one low monthly or annual fee, you have personal access to as many of our Pro products as you need – the list of platforms Xobni supports will grow rapidly this year. As a Xobni Pro subscriber, you can run the Pro version of our Outlook product on multiple machines at no additional charge. Same is true for our BlackBerry app. In fact, as new versions of Xobni come out for other smartphones and inboxes, you get all the Pro versions at no additional cost.

Xobni Pro for Outlook is the premium version of our Outlook product, and it is perfect for both email power users and for those for whom managing relationships is their business. It includes a number of great upgrades to the free version, including the ability to export a Xobni Contact to your Outlook address book. It also offers unlimited access to our new Spam Rescue feature, which looks each day for incorrectly junked emails and automatically rescues them. Xobni Pro includes our Xobni Rank-powered AutoSuggest feature (favorite feature by users), access to shared events with a contact, and allows search in unlimited PSTs. And our Pro product sports a beautiful new blue skin, so it looks like Outlook’s better-looking cousin.

Xobni Pro for BlackBerry is the premium version of the BlackBerry product: it includes advanced search, customization, unlimited access to our magic autosuggest in your email compose window, and the ability to export Xobni contacts to the BlackBerry address book.

Xobni Cloud – The new brains in the relationship
The key to Xobni Pro and the many new products and platforms you will see from us in 2011 is Xobni Cloud (replacing Xobni One). It is the most fundamental step forward for the company since it started five years ago. The Xobni Cloud is our new highly secure, scalable and smart platform, and it delivers three key elements to our products: Smarter. Faster. Connected.

The Xobni Cloud is easily the smartest product we’ve ever released, and because it is in the cloud, it gets smarter daily.  It has new intelligent algorithms on merging contacts, which is really important as you link Xobni to multiple inboxes and platforms.

The Xobni Cloud reduces the work done by many features and products, making them faster, more reliable and less resource intensive. It also allows our product team to deliver new products and features to you faster than ever and enables us to launch products in places we couldn’t go before, like Gmail, iPhone, Android and more. Accessing the power of Xobni in more places has been the single biggest request from customers over the past eighteen months.

Xobni Cloud connects you to your relationships. Your life and your relationships aren’t siloed into one email account or one device. With Xobni Cloud and Xobni Pro, the people you interact with can span multiple inboxes, devices, jobs and even years. It is incredibly powerful, and it only gets more powerful over time.

If you are ready to get Xobni Pro, sign up here.  Want to test the waters or don’t need all the power of Pro? Download Xobni’s full suite of free products.

I’ve answered some of the frequent questions I receive from our current customers below. If you have more, we have a few FAQs online. And, of course, you are welcome to visit our community support or contact our fast, friendly and helpful support team.

Jeff Bonforte
CEO, Xobni

Some Frequently Asked Questions
If I am happy with Xobni Plus now, can I just stay put?
Yes. We will continue to provide support for our Plus and Free users on v1.x releases of Xobni. Your Plus license offers “perpetual” access to those features on our v1.x releases.

Why the move to subscription vs. version licensing?
There are four reasons why we moved from a perpetual license model to a subscription model: release new features and platforms faster, simplify our premium offerings, make the system smarter, and allow it all to work together. In the old model, we had to hold back big improvements and features for the next big release, so we could deliver the value that warranted a new version license fee. Moving forward, we want to release great new features when they’re ready, and we want to make sure all our customers are using the latest and greatest from Xobni. With version licensing, many users stay behind causing significant development and support difficulty. As evidence of the long term complexity of this, consider Microsoft Office. There are four major versions in use today: pre-2003, 2003, 2007 and 2010. So each version has to get updates and QA against each other. Backwards compatibility becomes very complex, etc. About 50% of all Office users are still on Office 2003 or earlier!

We knew that 2011 was our year to expand Xobni to more platforms – and the new model sets us up to manage this much more elegantly. Plain and simple: for $4.99/mo (when you buy annual subscription), you get the Pro versions of all of our products. Today this includes premium versions of Outlook and BlackBerry, and soon much, much more. Considering over 80% of our customers have a smartphone and over 90% have at least two email accounts, this is a simpler path for users and helps us to deliver more value, quicker.

Is the new Xobni Cloud secure?
We have very demanding customers, including many government agencies like NASA and the US Army…not to mention over 90% of the Fortune 500. We have a lot of scrutiny on our security and system integrity. We take your privacy seriously. If you’d prefer, you can go Pro and opt out of us storing any data of yours in the cloud (though that kills the working across products and backup benefit). You can learn more here.

To view more FAQs, click here.

Xobni en Français!

By Michael Albers

(English post below)

J’ai le plaisir de vous annoncer la sortie de la version Xobni pour Outlook en Francais ! L’encadré Outlook qui vous permet de consulter votre boite de réception et d’y trouver rapidement et facilement les informations nécessaires relatives à vos contacts, est désormais disponible en Français.

Environ 50% des utilisateurs Xobni se trouvent hors des État-Unis. Suite à un succès de lancement sur le marché Allemand en début d’année, nous sommes maintenant heureux de présenter la version Française à notre base d’utilisateurs particulier et d’entreprises qui ne font qu’augmenter.

Ceci élargit aussi nos efforts pour étendre Xobni de manière globale et assurer une augmentation croissante des utilisateurs Internationaux et Europeens.

Cette version vient équipée de merveilleux gadgets désormais disponibles sur notre version 1.9.5 annoncée récemment (comme Flickr et YouTube).

Vous pouvez visiter notre site ou bien allez sur et téléchargez la dernière version, et voila ! Une fois celle-ci téléchargée, vous y êtes:

  • Un processus d’installation en Français (si vous possédez le système d’exploitation en Français), et l’option de choisir l’interface Française, Anglaise, ou Allemande.
  • 90% de Xobni, comprenant une vidéo d’introduction en Français et tous les formes générales d’interface, a été traduit en Français.
  • Les gadgets localisés pour l’aide, YouTube et Flickr en Français.
  • Basculez à tout moment entre le Français et l’Anglais grâce au menu de Xobni Options.
  • Toutes les fonctionnalités et les gadgets 1.9.5 récemment annoncées.
  • Cette version de Xobni pour Outlook 1.9.5 comprend aussi quelques correctifs de problèmes mineurs depuis la dernière version 1.9.5 dans les parties d’AutoSuggest ainsi que l’affichage gadget.

Nous ne fournissons pas pour le moment le support utilisateur complet en Français, mais nous ne manquerons pas de poursuivre nos efforts pour accompagner chacun de nos utilisateurs.

Veuillez essayer notre version en Français et nous espérons que vous en tirerez l’expérience Française de la version Xobni 1.9.5 et les Gadgets sous Outlook. Les enterprises interessées à l’amélioration de la productivité au travail peuvent contacter notre groupe de vente Entreprises au +1 (877) 899-6264 ou remplir le formulaire suivant.

Toujours en version Anglaise, nos utilisateurs Français pourront essayer Xobni for Blackberry et Xobni One pour avoir une expérience totale de Xobni et accéder ainsi à leurs contacts où qu’ils se trouvent.

Profitez-en !

English Post:


I’m pleased to announce the release of Xobni for Outlook en français (In French). The Outlook sidebar that makes searching your inbox and finding information about your contacts fast and easy is now available in French !

About 50% of Xobni users come from outside of the US. After a successful German launch earlier this year, we are now happy to bring a French version to our growing French user base and enterprises.

This also furthers our effort to expand Xobni globally and support a growing International and European user base.

This version will come armed with all the wonderful gadgets available in our recently announced 1.9.5 release (such as Flickr and YouTube).

Please visit or go to to download the latest version, and voila! Once you download, you’ll get:

  • A fully localized French installation process (if on a French OS), and option to choose the French, English or German interface.
  • 90% of Xobni, including the intro video and all major aspects of the interface, has been translated into French.
  • Localized gadgets for Yelp, YouTube and Flickr in French.
  • Switch between French and English at any time via the Xobni Options menu.
  • All the 1.9.5 features and gadgets recently announced
  • This build of Xobni for Outlook 1.9.5 also includes some minor bug fixes since the last 1.9.5 build in the areas of AutoSuggest and gadget display.

We do not yet provide full customer support in French, but we will continue to improve upon this and always make an effort to help any of our users.

Please give Xobni a try en français and we hope you’ll enjoy the French experience, 1.9.5 Xobni version (build 12633) and Gadgets in Outlook. French enterprises interested in increasing productivity in the workplace should contact our Enterprise Sales team at +1 (877) 899-6264 or fill out our Enterprise request form.

Although still in English, our French users should try out Xobni for Blackberry and Xobni One to complete the entire Xobni experience and have access to their contacts wherever they go.


Xobni Mobile for BlackBerry Update

by See Yew Mo

Some would say it’s not a good idea to have media/bloggers on your beta list, but thanks to a pretty solid beta product and the fab BlackBerry blogging community, it ended up working out pretty well for us.  (Note:  We didn’t realize bloggers were on our beta list until the coverage came out.  Thanks to BerryReview, BlackBerryCool, CrackBerry, PocketBerry and RIMarkable for taking part and sharing Xobni love with your readers).

We started working on the latest release of Xobni Mobile for BlackBerry with one goal in mind – to make a product that people love even better. And thanks to all of our valued beta testers, we think we’ve done just that.  Primary focus was on performance and adding the top requested features by users.  Improved version includes

  • Search speed improvements
  • Performance improvements for BlackBerry local data integration (Thanks Frederic!)
  • Performance improvements for scrolling in the search results
  • Better integration with Blackberry Address book
  • Trials and gift code activation
  • Phone number source and email snippet from Xobni One/Outlook
  • Xobni one status dialog and purchase flow
  • LinkedIn Sign-in integration for additional data access (in Options)
  • Icon fix for Storm (Thanks @Gordietm and @rezn)
  • Contact update improvements
  • Better image integration with LinkedIn and Facebook (Thanks, Saleh!)
  • Fixes for recent message, phone and SMS data scanning

New users who want to give it a spin can go to for a free 14-day trial.  Existing users interested in upgrading, can either go to that link, or press “download” link on the About Xobni page in the app.

Thanks to the team, our beta testers who rock, and all of you who support Xobni!

See Yew, Xobni Mobile Engineer

Xobni is Top Choice on CrackBerry’s BlackBerry

by Terra

CrackBerry did a great post today about their bloggers’ favorite BlackBerry apps.  It was cool to get an inside look at what these BlackBerry die-hards carry around with them, but even cooler to learn that XOBNI was a top app for 6 out of the 9 surveyed.  Woot!  We love building good products that people use every day, and it gives us the warm and fuzzies when we get recognition like this from our users.

Aside from Xobni, they have some great selections in here that we wanted to share with you.  Below is a breakdown of the “chosen ones” from CrackBerry bloggers.  Thanks, CrackBerry!


Xobni Featured on Google’s Developer Blog

by Terra

Today, Google posted a guest blog post from Jeff (Xobni CEO) on their Apps Developer Blog for our work porting Gmail contextual gadget development into Outlook. Jeff covers off on the trials and tribulations of working in Outlook, and how we’ve harnessed our Outlook ninja to help Gmail gadget developers get their gadgets into the world’s biggest email platform – with no additional work.

In Jeff’s words from the post:

“…The first step was to get Google on board.  We weren’t sure what to expect from them when we explained our plan. The first response we got from the Google team was puzzlement. Why and how would we do this? In a short amount of time, Google’s mood progressed from quiet to excited (phew).  So we set up the war room in the office, cleared our calendars and weekends for the foreseeable future and started cranking away.”

The result: Developers can now write one application for Gmail contextual gadgets and will soon deploy not just to the millions of Gmail users, but also to the millions of Outlook users: the same code available in both worlds. Thanks to Google’s simple but powerful platform (and the hard work of Xobni’s engineers), you just write your gadgets for Gmail and they are ready to be used in Outlook as well.”

Want to give your gadget a spin in Outlook? You can get the build here (note: the product is in “Developer Preview now”). We expect to put our first gadgets live in Outlook in the coming weeks.

Gadgets in Outlook

Xobni auf Deutsch, mit XING!

by Michael Albers

(English post below)

Heute möchte ich Ihnen mit großer Freude die Freischaltung von Xobni auf deutsch bekanntgeben. Xobni, die Randleiste mit der Sie schnell und einfach Ihren Posteingang durchsuchen und Kontaktdaten auffinden können, steht nun auf deutsch zur Verfügung!

Rund 50% der Xobni Nutzer leben außerhalb der USA, ein großer Teil davon in Deutschland. Daher haben wir uns entschlossen, als ersten Schritt zu einer internationalen Expansion, unsere Präsenz im deutschsprachigen Raum durch eine deutsche Version zu untermauern. Unsere Produkte stehen damit ab sofort auf den deutschsprachigen Märkten (Deutschland, Österreich und Schweiz) zur Verfügung.

Xobni 1.9.3 in German with XING

Natürlich wären wir nicht in der Lage, ein überzeugendes Produkt ohne die enge Integration von XING zu liefern, dem auf den deutschsprachigen Märkten beliebtesten Business-Netzwerk.

Ab heute stehen den Xobni Nutzern folgende Dienste zur Verfügung:

  • Unter (Deutsche website) steht die neueste Version von Xobni für Outlook 1.9.3 zum downloaden bereit.
  • Eine komplett deutsche Installation (auf einem deutschen Betriebssystem), ist ab sofort möglich.
  • 90% von Xobni, einschließlich des Intro-Videos und alle wichtigen Aspekte der Benutzeroberfläche ist ins Deutsche übersetzt
  • XING wurde integriert und ist die Standard-Erweiterung in deutscher Sprache, zeigt Profil-Informationen an, Details und das Foto in der Randleiste von Xobni. Derzeitige Nutzer der Englischen Version von Xobni können Xing in den Optionen> Integration> Anpassen-Menü integrieren.
  • Wechseln Sie zwischen deutscher und englischer Sprache jederzeit mit unserer Xobni “Optionen” Menü

Der Randleiste sind noch nicht vollständig übersetzt, und Einige Passagen auf unsere Website. Wir arbeiten jedoch daran und werden unseren Nutzern in absehbarer Zeit auch einen deutschsprachigen Support zur Verfügung stellen.

Wir wünschen allen unseren Nutzern viel Spaß beim Ausprobieren von der neuen deutschsprachigen Xobni, und integrierung von XING in Outlook!

Wir haben bereits sehr positive Reaktionen auf unsere Xobni für Blackberry (noch in englischer Sprache) und Xobni One, mit deren Hilfe unsere Nutzer den Xobni-Service auch unterwegs nutzen können.

Für Unternehmen Anfragen, können Kunden auch die Möglichkeit unseren deutschen Wiederverkäufer zu nutzen.

Viel Spaß!

English post:

Xobni in German, with XING!

Today I am pleased to announce the release of Xobni for Outlook auf Deutsch. The Outlook sidebar that makes searching your inbox and finding information about your contacts fast and easy is now available in German!

Roughly 50% of Xobni customers reside outside of the US. In the past, they had access to the one and only English Xobni for Outlook. No more. Our premier effort to expand Xobni globally and support a growing International user base begins today with the German-speaking markets (Germany, Austria and Switzerland).

Of course, we have also super-charged Xobni for Outlook with XING photos and business profiles. XING is the most popular business network for German speakers, and has lately been the #1 requested Xobni extension.

So please visit (German page) or to download Xobni for Outlook 1.9.3 (build 11166), which includes these new features (since Xobni 1.9.2):

  • A fully German installation process (if on a German OS), and option to choose the German or English interface
  • 90% of Xobni, including the intro video and all major aspects of the interface, has been translated into German.
  • XING will appear by default for the German version of Xobni, showing job titles, photos, detailed profile information, as well as an “Add” button for people not yet in your XING network. Those using the English version of Xobni will need to “enable” Xing in the Options > Integration > Customize menu.
  • Switch between German and English at any time via the Xobni Options menu.
  • Other Outlook 2010-related bug fixes (ribbon menus appearing more consistently and improved AutoSuggest stability)

We do not yet provide customer support in German, but we will continue to improve upon this and deliver our German users the best experience possible.

Please join me in trying out Xobni auf Deutsch and we hope you’ll enjoy the new experience and tight integration of XING in Outlook.

Of course, our German users will also appreciate being able to use Xobni for Blackberry (although still in English) and Xobni One to complete their entire Xobni experience and have access to their contacts wherever they go.

For any Enterprise inquiries customers will also be able to leverage our German Resellers.


Update May 21st: Build 11108 was replaced with build 11166 to fix a LinkedIn image issue.

BlackBerry Love

by Terra


So… we knew what we were doing was cool stuff, but we were thrilled that you do too!  The attention received around the world for the launch of our first mobile product last week was awesome.  From coverage in business outlets (Wall Street Journal, New York Times) to product reviews on top tech sites (CNET and CIO Magazine) and lots of love from mobile and BlackBerry blogs (CrackBerry, BlackBerry Cool, BerryReview), we feel we got a good start on getting the word out about our BlackBerry product and the Xobni One service, and are thrilled with the business received as a result!

Please allow us a tad bit of chest-beating…

  • “If you use a PC, Microsoft Outlook and a BlackBerry, Xobni offers a smart solution for automatically organizing all of your contacts into one place and allows for your contacts to be stored somewhere other than just in Outlook or just on your mobile device.” – Wall Street Journal, Katie Boehret
  • “If you’re one of the many BlackBerry-toting hot shots who fret about the fastest, least laborious way to get their work contacts onto their phones, I have an answer for you. Or rather, Xobni does…” – Jessica Dolcourt, CNET
  • “In my opinion Xobni is one of the few “absolutely must have” apps for BlackBerry.” –, Adam Zeis
  • “It’s a pretty exciting app. It works well and it saved me on several occasions when trying to reach people.” – Katie Boehret, Wall Street Journal (video)
  • “You may never use your BlackBerry contacts application, or address book, in the same way again. I know I won’t. As long as the new Xobni for BlackBerry application is available, that is.” – CIO Magazine/IDG Sites – Al Sacco
  • “Instead of a traditional alphabetical list (the alphabet is so uncool these days), Xobni for BlackBerry scours through your emails, text messages, phone calls, and other communication to create a new contact list in order of importance.” – FastCompany, Dan Nosowitz
  • “With advancements like this from companies like Xobni, it’s comforting to know that the technology to merge address books and create rich profiles for my contacts is finally coming of age.” – ZDNet, Sam Diaz
  • “Xobni One is a way to sync your desktop and mobile contacts. If you use Outlook on your desktop at work, but Gmail on your Blackberry, Xobni One reconciles the two. And when you leave your job, your contacts stay with you.” – TechCrunch, Eric Shoenfeld
  • “If you’ve ever found yourself scrabbling back through your BlackBerry inbox for the address of someone you know for a fact you emailed once in 2008, then the newly-launched Xobni for BlackBerry may be just what you need.” –  Recombu, Kate Solomon (UK)
  • “The new software will give BlackBerry users the ability to better manage and maintain their address book information by taking advantage of the program’s automatic indexing, profiling and ranking capabilities,” – V3, Dan Worth (UK)

As much as we love this media attention, we love even more to see the product going to work for our consumers!  We’ve already been able to improve the product based on your feedback, so keep it coming… As we’ve mentioned before, this cloud work is nontrivial stuff, and we’re really excited that we got such a great response – with the media and with our users.

Xobni featured in New York Times best seller “The 4-Hour Workweek” and dozens of other books

I was playing around with Google’s books search the other day, and I couldn’t help but search for Xobni. It happens that Xobni appears in dozens of books. Some we knew about, and other we never expected. We thought it’d be fun to share a few:

Linkedin For Dummies by Joel Elad
Xobni is a great tool for heavy email users, and even becomes more powerful if you use Xobni’s LinkedIn integration. LinkedIn For Dummies is a how-to book on how to get the most out of LinkedIn. Xobni is definitely a great way to get the most out of LinkedIn. Joel includes download instructions, features, and a lot more about Xobni in his book.

Upstarts!: How GenY Entrepreneuers are Rocking the World of Business by Donna Fenn.
In her book Donna talks about the features of Xobni’s Outlook product, but also tells the business story of how Xobni was founded, funded, and how it flourished.

Human Computer Interaction: New trends by Julie A. Jacko.
There are several academic books that reference Xobni and the new paradigms we introduced to email. It is quite an honor to be mentioned in academic work.

And finally, Xobni is featured in the New York Times bestseller The 4-Hour Workweek: Expanded and Updated by Tim Ferris. Here is a quote from the book:

“It [Xobni] offers many features, but the most relevant to this chapter is its ability to indentify “hotspots,” or periods of time when you receive the bulk of e-mail from your most important contacts. These “hotspots” are batching times that will enable you to keep critical contacts (clients, bosses, etc.) smiling even while you reduce checking e-mail to 1-3 times per day.”

We talk about many of Xobni’s features here on our blog, but we don’t often talk about the analytics engine that sits beneath the software. Tim has latched on to one way he suggests that his readers can use Xobni’s analytics features to work smarter, not harder.

We thought being in this many books was pretty cool, so we wanted to share. We’re honored.

Our New Digs

IMG_7077IMG_8210IMG_7148 office with Zoe

A few weeks ago we took up camp in Twitter’s old office space on Bryant Street in San Francisco.  We loved the location of our last office, but we moved into that space with 4 people in 2007 and found ourselves bursting at the seams when we finally left with nearly 30 team members crammed into that space.

Now we are at 539 Bryant, and we love it!

In addition to the awesome views, sprawling space, and great lighting, we’re also hoping some of Twitter’s good karma will rub off on us.  😉

As we were packing our desks, Adam (cofounder) and I took some time to reflect on the offices of Xobni over the past four years.

“Office” #1

Xobni Office #1 - MIT Dorm Room

Adam started Xobni in his dorm room at MIT back in 2006.  As you can imagine, he clocked lots of hours trying to understand the wealth of data hidden in email.  A few months later I got a call from Adam. After some persuasion on Adam’s part I moved from the University of Maryland, where I dropped out of grad school, to focus on turning this email project into a business.  I moved into MIT’s East Campus dorm with Adam.   We lived and worked in that 12 foot by 12 foot space.

“Office” #2

Harvard Sq 4 2

With school on hold* for both of us, and the dorm room getting a bit crowded, we rented an apartment near Harvard Square and were able to fully commit to this business we now called Xobni.  And that we did.  We worked all waking hours, usually until 5 or 6am when we’d rush to bed at daybreak, hoping to fall asleep before the sun would start to convince us otherwise.  It was a crazy time.

“Office” #3

When our summer lease ran out, we temporarily moved into the apartment of fellow Y Combinator startup founder, and now Xobni employee, Bryan Kennedy.  Again, back in a cramped space, but this time with about $100k of angel funding in the bank.  We began to contemplate our future.   It wasn’t long before we realized we needed to be in the Valley if we wanted to give Xobni the greatest chance for success.  We made the decision over a weekend and on Monday we started the 3,000 mile drive to California.

“Office” #4

Taylor Apt

Office #4 was a “deluxe apartment in the sky” at The Crystal Towers in San Francisco.  This “office” still has probably the best view of any office I’ll ever have.  The place was so great that many other Y Combinator startups moved into the building.  It became known as the “Y Scraper.”

Now that we were in San Francisco and closer to the action, it wasn’t long until we raised our first big round of funding, $4M bucks.  Finally with cash in the bank we decided we could do two things: hire employees and get a real office.

The employees came first.  Greg and Gabor.  They both moved into the Y Scraper.  They worked out of our apartment with us.

Office #5 (no quotes this time!)

Sutter Street

Finally in June of 2007, over a year after starting the company and after working out of 4 different “offices” we moved into our first legitimate office** at 211 Sutter Street, one block from Union Square.  This is where we launched Xobni to the world.  Everything feels like it’s been on fast-forward since then.

Office 6


Four million downloads and many employees later, here we sit at 539 Bryant Street in a space that will be able to hold us for at least the next year or two.  (Note: we are growing fast – check out these current positions we are hiring for.)   Looking back, there’s not one move that we regret.   It has been a lot of fun and we and even a bit nostalgic to think about the places we’ve called Xobni’s home.

* We never went back.  🙂

** One that wasn’t our primary residence (though we did sleep our fair share of nights in the office).

Photo credits (new office): Mitch Aidelbaum

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