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Xobni for BlackBerry OS 6 support & major update

By Michael Albers

Since the launch of the BlackBerry Torch and OS 6.x for BlackBerry, the most common request from our users, partners and friends at RIM was support of Xobni for BlackBerry on OS 6.  And today we’re happy to give it to you. 🙂  Xobni now officially supports OS 6.x and fully integrates with the Torch for an Optimal Xobni experience. The introduction of the touchscreen enhances the way the users can invoke, scroll and view their automatically generated Xobni Contacts.

In addition, we’ve included significant enhancements, improvements and fixes for the updated Xobni for BlackBerry app, thanks to user feedback and testing.

We will be making this available at:, App World, Mobihand, Handango, Getjar and PocketGear (Note: some stores may take a day or so to reflect the update).

Version offers the following features/functionality:

OS 6.x Support!

  • Touching the Xobni bar or flick up works on compose, reply and forward actions for OS 6 devices
  • Updated High-Definition icons
  • Touch scrolling enhanced for optimized scrolling experience
  • Editing is now aware of virtual keyboard display and formats content shown on remaining screen
  • Xobni bar now appearing in all relevant cases
  • Add picture now available for contacts via camera

Interface updates

  • Setup guide overhaul (New permission, sign in/create acct, trial start, loading contacts, etc. screens)
  • Phone icon is now shown by default for all phones
  • Icons for mail/phone have new dropdown to show additional emails and numbers
  • Preserved focus on contact in search result when returning to home screen
  • Push the device call button to call or sms when contact is selected
  • Xobni appears on home screen after download, not download folder (5.x/6.x)
  • Contact detail UI update (coloring changes; click calendar entry to jump to entry)
  • Added keyboard shortcuts to options (edit, hide, merge, jump to top & bottom support)
  • No longer will show Microsoft Exchange addresses for contacts
  • Multiple bars should no longer show up in certain cases

Contact Extraction Improvements

  • Phone number extraction fixes and improvements
  • Fixes for scanning emails, sms, etc.
  • Xobni One contact update and merging improvements

Contact Edit improvements

  • Editing a content will now allow you to see snippets even after edit
  • Contacts marked as list, now show up in the compose screen as well

Key stability and performance improvements

Improvements for activation & trial related issues

All user preferences are maintained during upgrades

Other bug-fixes and improvements

We’ve been proud to get rave reviews in the media and with our blogger friends, but we couldn’t do it without you.  Please continue to improve Xobni Mobile by sending feedback directly from the app by clicking the “Contact Xobni” menu item.  As evidenced in the notes above, we listen!


The Xobni Mobile Team

Xobni for BlackBerry Update & Free Trial Available

by Michael Albers

Two weeks ago, we proudly announced that Xobni for BlackBerry was available in App World.

We’d like to thank all of our existing and new App World users for their continued feedback, support and input. We really do listen and work very hard to put your feedback into account and resolve any issues encountered.

As such we are happy to announce a major BlackBerry update (*), available from App World for our App World users. And downloadable via your BlackBerry browser from Additionally we now offer a Xobni for Blackberry free trial when downloading from our website.

Also, if you enjoy and use our app, please don’t forget to support Xobni by leaving a positive review in App World. As always, for any issues, feedback or bugs, use the “Contact Xobni” link from the Xobni app menu so we can respond to you.

New Features:

  • A user can now use the convenience keys for launching the Xobni compose screen (in options)
  • A user can choose to add a Xobni signature to outgoing emails
  • Updated LinkedIn Login process
  • New menu item labeled “Activate” allows a user to activate manually after purchasing a license

Summary of Improvements/Fixes:

  • Compose integration for Xobni should only occur for native messaging app (fixing bars showing in other apps)
  • Xobni bar now shows up for draft messages
  • Compose integration is enabled when sharing media files by email
  • Fixed several compose screen defects that occurred when device was holstered or locked
  • Further improvements in search speed
  • Speed improvement in scanning emails, SMS, call logs
  • Improvements during contact updates to Xobni One
  • Improved failure handling during Xobni One updates (app closure, manual stop, failure, etc.)
  • A user can take a picture for a contact image from the image selection screen
  • LinkedIn login for devices at or below will retry it’s connections upon failure
  • New, updated and recurring Calendar events are now scanned and show in the Meetings section
  • Ranking improvements when scanning messages
  • SMS messages are shown for all phone number types
  • Speed improvement while viewing contact
  • General UI update in contact detail section
  • Stability problem resolved on certain 5.x OS versions

Thanks again for supporting Xobni and for your feedback and input – and reviews!

The Xobni Mobile Team

*Note: is the  build; is the App World build (these are identical feature wise).

UPDATE: Do be sure to check out some of the BlackBerry community, Fans and supporter blog response for this update at: BerryFicationBlackBerryCool, BerryReview, Rimarkable and BlackBerryRocks.

Xobni Mobile for BlackBerry now available in App World

by Michael Albers

Today, we are pleased to announce that Xobni Mobile is now available in BlackBerry App World! You can find our application for download directly from the BlackBerry App World application. Having Xobni in App World 2.0, our users now get the benefit of really easy carrier billing in addition to Credit Card or Paypal.

When we launched our first mobile product in March of this year, we set out to make it the best address book you’ll ever use (PC or Mobile). Too often we were finding ourselves in the situation where we needed to call or email someone quickly, but didn’t have their contact information available to us on our mobile phones.  So, with Xobni Mobile, we aimed for effortless address book management, contacts ranked by importance, lightning fast search and automatically created profiles with information from LinkedIn or Facebook.

The response so far has been fantastic.  Users have told us they love it – and the press seems to as well.  See what the folks at CNET, Berryfication, and PC Magazine have to say about Xobni Mobile for BlackBerry.  And of course, we loved the fact that the folks at CrackBerry have and love Xobni on their phones every day.

Having all your Xobni Contacts from Outlook with you via Xobni One, wherever you go, at any time, is essential to many of our users. That, combined with fast search, complete profiles and contact information directly accessible from your BlackBerry compose screen, we believe makes this a great app for any mobile user.

You can visit our page in AppWorld, and if you love it once you’ve used it, we’d love for you to post a review!  To learn more about Xobni for BlackBerry, go to:

Thanks for using Xobni, and thanks to our existing Xobni users, alpha-testers and our supportive blogging community to ensure we deliver a great application to BlackBerry users!

The Xobni Mobile Team

Xobni for BlackBerry gets an update

Posted by Michael Holzer

Xobni for BlackBerry contact list
On Monday morning we released an update (view release notes) for Xobni for BlackBerry. This is an exciting release for us because we got to spend some quality alone time with Xobni Rank. For those of you don’t know, Xobni Rank is our way of prioritizing your contacts. The simple explanation is that we prioritize them based on your communication habits but trust me, there is much more involved. This area truly excites us here at Xobni so keep an eye out as we continue to refine Xobni Rank.

We added/improved the product in 4 key ways to address feedback from our customers as well as our Enterprise partners. In summary, in this release, we:

  • Improved Xobni Rank helping you get to the most important contacts fastest.
  • Added seamless deployment and activation via BlackBerry Enterprise Server for our Enterprise customers
  • Added support for downloading the client via Opera Mini and Bolt
  • Lastly, we gave you more control over your contacts. You can now create new contacts, edit titles, companies, and the rest of your contacts profile information.

Edit Xobni contact

Thank you to all of our users for their fantastic feedback and endless desire to help us make the product better. Don’t forget to submit feedback and report bugs via “Contact Xobni” in the menu of the Xobni app.

Download the release now by going to ‘’ on your BlackBerry browser.

On Stage at BlackBerry Developer’s Conference with RIM’s CTO David Yach (Updated with Video)

A few months ago, we showed the very beginnings of a Xobni application for BlackBerry at a mobile meet-up in San Francisco. While we weren’t expecting it to get broad attention given the closed environment, we were pleased that there was so much enthusiasm for the product.

Since then, we’ve been making great progress. However, the more we work with RIM, the more ideas we collectively come up with to make Xobni Mobile more useful to BlackBerry users. Expanded functionality has caused the development time line to extend. We are anxious to get Xobni Mobile in the hands of users soon. We didn’t plan on speaking again about our BlackBerry product until it was on the market, but then we were asked by RIM to demonstrate Xobni. They asked for an example of a compelling integration with the BlackBerry to show at their biggest developer conference, and we just couldn’t resist.

More details about Xobni Mobile

Update: Watch the video of Xobni’s demonstration at the BlackBerry Developer Conference Keynote.

At Xobni, we think that you should have access to every person that you need to reach, when you need to reach them. Surprisingly, there’s not an easy or quick way to do this on our phones now. Unlike a static address book of the people you have deliberately put in your Outlook contacts and/or mobile phonebook, Xobni for mobile will be more like your automatic address book made up of all the thousands of people you may have communicated with over the years. Our data tells us that the typical user has 5-10X the number of contacts in their email inbox versus their Outlook address book. If you put all of those contacts into your address book it would be, well, a bit overwhelming – imagine scrolling through 5,000 contacts! Enter Xobni Mobile…


Our coming mobile product will give you access to your whole automatic address book and maintain the integrity of your key daily contacts by not inundating you with details that you don’t need. We do this with Xobni Rank – a list of contacts, in ranked order, depending on the freshness and depth of your relationship.

Anyone that carries a smartphone knows the frustration of wanting to call or email someone you have communicated with but not having quick and easy access to their contact data because it is buried somewhere in an email. Our application helps you quickly find anyone you’ve ever communicated with, along with context to your relationship, in ranked order. For example, most people know more than one Mike. Xobni Rank delivers every Mike you know in ranked order based on how often and how recently you communicated with him. So, the Mike Zander, whom you just spoke with yesterday and email one time per week will be listed above the Mike Andler, who was CC’d in an email once by your coworker. Cool, eh? Manually typing in contact information is so 2008! 😉

We’re thrilled to have been on stage today with our friends (and investors) at RIM demonstrating our partnership and product – and look forward to bringing Xobni to mobile devices early next year. To be notified when the product is available, please sign up here , and stay tuned.

More details about Xobni for the BlackBerry

A few weeks ago at RIM’s Wireless Enterprise Symposium, we confirmed our plans to make a mobile version of Xobni available later this summer. We appreciate the feedback & excitement from everyone and we’re looking forward to getting it into your hands (literally).

This morning, during Sun CEO Jonathan Schwartz’s keynote address at JavaOne, Alan Brenner (RIM’s SVP of BlackBerry Platforms) showed off Xobni for the BlackBerry. Alan highlighted how this will not be just another stand-alone application on your BlackBerry; Xobni Mobile will be deeply integrated into your mobile experience.  For example, you will be able utilize the power of Xobni’s comprehensive people search directly from the completely familiar BlackBerry “Compose Email” screen.

Jonathan Schwartz and Alan Brenner show Xobni

Jonathan Schwartz and Alan Brenner on stage at JavaONE with Xobni Mobile

Why do you need another addressbook?  We have all been on the go, away from the office, desperate to email someone that we know we have been in touch with in the past.  Today you might be stuck fruitlessly hunting for their details (or calling a coworker to look up the information).  With Xobni Mobile, just start a new email message as you normally would, then select the Xobni bar and type in the first letter(s) of their first name, last name, or company name.  Instantly you’ll see results from everyone who has ever emailed you, ranked by importance to you (with profile photos & job titles too!).  Just select the desired person and their email address will be placed into the To/Cc/Bcc field of your choice.

Because Xobni scans all of your emails for contact information, Xobni’s people search often contains 10-30 times the number of contacts that are in a typical Contacts list, and requires no work to maintain.

More details will come further down the road, but we wanted to let you – our beloved Xobni users – know about the latest in our efforts to allow you to take Xobni with you everywhere, saving you precious time when it really counts.  For more updates, please sign up to be notified when Xobni mobile is available here.

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