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Xobni in the Wall Street Journal

Becky Buckman at the WSJ wrote an article for today’s paper titled “Email’s Friendly Fire” I was fortunate to get to speak with Becky on several occasions as well as provide her with an interview for today’s story.

Xobni was mentioned in the article which appears on the front page of the Marketplace section. The article discusses the increasing amount of email received in the corporate workplace and products to overcome the resulting email overload. Xobni was featured as one of these products.

“These people are in pain,” says Matt Brezina, the 26-year-old co-founder of Xobni, which has received $4.2 million in funding from venture capitalists. Xobni’s product places a set of features on top of a customer’s email inbox, such as “profiles” of online contacts complete with photos, and quick links to set up appointments. The nine-person company says it has about 1,000 people globally testing the product — including salespeople, recruiters and marketing managers who use email frequently — and expects to release it broadly early next year.

We designed Xobni Insight to give our users context surrounding email conversations and relationships so that they can make better decisions faster. With lightening fast search, threaded conversations, and quick attachment discovery Xobni makes the task of working through 200 daily emails a lot less painful.

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Xobni’s contact management products offer lightning fast email search and organization of your inbox, as well as an innovative and comprehensive address book for the mobile device.


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