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Microsoft Startup Accelerator Program

Today we can officially announced our acceptance into the Microsoft Startup Accelerator Program. See the official press release here. We join fellow Y Combinator funded company, Loopt, as well as 20 other startups in this great program.

We were introduced to the program by Don Dodge, who is part of Microsoft’s emerging business team and is a good friend of Xobni. Thanks Don!

The Microsoft Startup Accelerator Program is designed to help high potential software startups get access, guidance, and support to accelerate their success on the Microsoft platform. So far we’ve received media support, introductions to potential business partners, and free software. Everybody in Xobni has a copy of Visual Studio running on their machine and thanks to the accelerator program this usually expensive software is provided free of charge. We’ve received a lot of other free software as well as media support over the past few months. The support we receive as part of this program extends into many aspects of our business.

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