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Priority Beta Invites Have Begun

Following our launch at TechCrunch 40, we initiated a program by which Xobni supporters could gain priority access to the invite-only beta program by placing the “Xobni for my inbox” badge on their blog.

Xobni outlook add-in for your inbox

A few hundred Xobni loyalists have done this and yesterday we sent out invites to the first 50. If you are one of these priority beta users: thank you and we hope you are enjoying Xobni Insight.

We will continue to ship invites to the rest of the priority beta users over the next week. If you haven’t signed up already, there is still time to become a part of this group and gain priority access to the beta. Please follow the simple steps at to join.

We are looking forward to a wider release of Xobni soon. This closed beta period has allowed us to interact closely with our beta users and has been very helpful as we scale our software and our team to handle the challenges ahead. Last week we posted a blog post about the support issues and feedback we’ve been receiving. This is a good example of why the closed beta period is so valuable.

Priority beta users, please help us improve Xobni by filling out the user study survey we sent in the invitation email. As always, we love hearing your questions, thoughts, feedback, and bug reports. Please send your emails to and

Heaven of the email world

Many Xobni users have taken the time to send messages of thanks and praise. We’ve enjoyed them so much that we’ve decided to post some quotes on our blog. Here are a few of our favorites:

“After a couple of days I am hooked. I used to struggle with email organization, but with Xobni it’s now easy to find an email from three weeks ago and see what my reply was.”

– Michelle Howard

“I could attempt to describe how I feel about the email software you have designed and how it is benefiting my team and me with regards to efficiency in a drawn-out, sophisticated, wordsmith-ish explanation. However, I’ll sum it up rather direct and to the point: this $!@* is *!!%# awesome. Seriously, Xobni is the heaven of the email world, and your team members are the angels.

Keeping up with the files and document exchanges between every contact was such a pain previously. Now I simply type in the name of the person I am on the phone with into the Xobni search box, and right there is a list of every document that has been exchanged between the two of us. “Yes, Luis, I did get that Market Opportunities document,” instead of, “hold on, let me look…no, not in that email…nope, not in that one either. Hold on….,” etc., etc.”

– Brandon Mullins, CEO BookMesh Inc

“This is a terrific product!!! I downloaded and installed it yesterday and have become addicted to using it for my searches, analysis, and am even using it as the primary reading pane.”
– Ajay Singh

“It’s fantastic how you managed to improve Outlook, giving users useful features (files exchanged, conversations, …) and information (top time to send a mail in order to get an answer quickly). I’m really fond of your ‘plug-in’ and my colleagues are too…”
– David Weinachter

“I really like it, lots of innovative details (who would have thought there’d be room for improvement given how long Outlook has been around). “Conversations” and “Files Exchanged” are very useful and are complimentary to desktop search tools. LOVE how the most recently viewed e-mail stays displayed when going to Calendar or Contacts. This alone is worth a plug-in!”

– Brent Edwards, Ph.D.
Executive Director, Starkey Hearing Research Center

“I’ve used every plug-in from Auto-mate, to Anagram, to Lookout and Google and I have to say, I’m impressed so far with your features.”
– Matt Wyndowe, Facebook

“Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawesome! Do I need to say more?”
– Ovande

We would love to hear more about how you are using Xobni and what you would like to see in future releases. As always, feel free to email us at

Thanks as always!

Skyler, Xobni Support Team

Deep in the trenches:

I want to begin this blog installment by thanking everyone who has written to our support team with feature requests, bugs, and general comments; you are an important part of creating a better product. I especially want to thank those whom have repeatedly thanked us for creating Xobni. This is encouraging and helps me see that we are indeed producing a useful product.

Next, I want to express gratitude for the patience displayed by everyone who is waiting for a download code for our beta software. Our engineering team is working very hard to send out a version that will meet the performance needs and feature requests of our beta users. To those of you who have included Xobni in your blogs, articles, or personal sites, we truly appreciate it. We will send you a priority invitation code as soon as possible. To date, there are over 240 people displaying Xobni badges on their sites. Thank you, thank you! We look forward to reading your reviews once you’ve had an opportunity to test us out.

To recap the last few weeks, we’ve been experiencing the following in the support department:

The majority of support issues relate to slow performance of Outlook or Xobni as well as Xobni Sidebar loading problems. We are pleased to announce that these performance issues have been almost completely wiped out by our most recent updates. We are continuing to work on ways to improve in these areas. The Xobni memory footprint has been reduced to 50% of its original size and profile loading times have seen a 10x improvement. Sidebar loading problems are being addressed this week.

Beta users, if you have been refraining from using your Xobni, please try again and make sure that the automatic updates have been downloaded and are in effect on your computer. The most current version as of today is Xobni 1.0.3, build 2014. You can check your version by looking in the Outlook panel, selecting Xobni, and then clicking on ‘About’.

Wondering which features are most commonly being requested? Here are the top requests that we are working on:

  • Users are thrilled with the way Xobni finds contact information. They would like to take this new found data and place it within Outlook. For example, users would like to be able to take a person found in Xobni, and ‘drag and drop’ that person into Outlook’s contacts.
  • Users would like more control in filtering which information is synced from their old emails into Xobni. Data synchronization is quickly being developed to be more intuitive.
  • Manually editing contact information once Xobni has retrieved it. We understand this request and Aamir is working on it!
  • Implementing the contact picture in the profile section. This is on its way!

While working with the team here at Xobni, I’ve enjoyed witnessing the intuitive manner of the engineers and product developers. Often, they have already begun working on a new feature before such a request has even come in. This shows me that Xobni understands what is needed to make your inbox experience a happy one. Having said that, I encourage our Xobni fans to look to future product updates with optimistic confidence!

Stick with us during the beta and we will do all we can to help you out!

-Skyler, Xobni Support Team

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